Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lotus Flower Bomb/Day 2 of Positive Challenge!

  I know, such an overused title but it simply fit too well, to not use it! I want to talk about manifestation of your heart's desires and of course flower crowns! I have been manifesting an abundance of money and I've been manifesting my winning this $500 dollar scholarship called Courage to Grow, I've put so much effort into it and I haven't given up ever on trying to be selected whether this month or next. I know that scholarship shall be mine, as well as I know that pay check is mine as well, I'm claiming it. Claiming and manifesting go hand in, when you claim what you want, you can feel it, you can see it, you can describe your emotions you feel once it's your's. Today I want to share with you my manifestation.

   The largest sigh of relief is unchained from my body, I can feel my chest weave in settling comfortably back in it's proper position. I'm staring at my university account, my tuition is paid off, and I see the words Courage to Grow Scholarship on the screen that my scholarship money has been sent smoothly and efficiently to my account. The 500 dollars is used to pay off my student loans, the little minus sign never looked so beautiful, I have enough money for gas so I can commute back and forth, a huge smile stretches across my face and I don't fight it. I check in my bank account, so much money has been collected. I feel financially stable, I feel confident, I feel comfortable with going to school everyday because I know it's paid in full. Breathing in and out, not the slightest bit of stress clings to my breathing, it's a sigh of relief, of knowing, now that I have soooo much money in my bank account I treat myself to a little shopping at, and I buy a flower crown.

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