Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On A Positive Note

Hey guys! If you've been wondering where am I or where have I been carrying on with my positive challenge you need to follow me on twitter. Consider twitter my way to live blog, you can see me carry on with the positive challenge as I tweet my reasons to be thankful and happy as #onapositivenote but you can't see it unless you follow me @deejayhasspoken! By the way if you follow me on FB on you would of seen my dream dress spotted on but I can't spend the moohlah at the moment. I think God presented me with the chance to see it to remind me what I'm at school for, that I when I get my degree I will receive the necessary job for the kind of lifestyle I want, where I can buy my dream dress!

You can see the similar dress I did a post on here 

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