Friday, September 7, 2012


    So, it's that time of year where we all gather around and decide on who exactly is going to be sitting in that great big oval office, in that White House. I am team Obama if you're not stop reading. People forget that Bush initially left us with a deficit the size of a galaxy, and that one person was supposed to sweep in and clean up the mess in a matter of seconds, now Obama is incredible but he's human and it's going to take time. Giving up on Obama in the name of who, voting for Romney I'm not a fan of his healthcare plans for women seeing as how he isn't one, never had any plans of being one, wasn't born one. Obama brought up a beautiful point in his speech when he brought up how other campaigns are prepared to make decisions about and for women, when no one in this campaign IS A WOMAN.
    I'm not here to speak directly on abortion, or birth control policies, I'm here to put spotlight on just how exactly other campaigns can find themselves fit to even approach such topics when never had being placed in the position of a woman. You can live with women, you're whole life, be on a planet with nothing but women, eat with women, talk to women, but unless you are one of us, you cannot make such sensitive decisions for all of us, and the fact that other campaigns think they can a least take a crack at it, truly shows the character of other campaigns, so that just adds another reason as to why I am very much so Team Obama.
  My rant is done toodles!

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