Sunday, September 30, 2012

The 31 Day Comfort Zone Challenge

  The next 31 days starting Monday I am beginning a brand new challenge! The Comfort Zone Challenge. I find that I'm way to attached to my comfort zone, everything outside of my comfort zone scares me, and when I have to part with it I cry  because I feel like I'm mourning the death of my home and it's not that serious by any means. I should approach new activities and opportunities with a more positive outlook. For example the things that went through my mind when approaching the new volunteer work at the hospital went something like this:

I have to be tested for TB that's going to be so painful.
All these regulations.
What if I can't do it?
What if I don't have the time?
I can't mess this up.
I'm scared what if I make a mistake.
I've never done this before everyone's going to think I'm an idiot and I'll be banned from the hospital.
I have to buy a uniform, with who's money?!
I can't do this *insert sobbing*.

 So after all the dramatic fog, and tears disappeared I realized I do this a lot when going into something new. I cry, and I yell. I can't keep crying and yelling I'm 18, lots of changes are going to happen in my life I can't have a nervous break down every time I'll be a wreck! How I can I hone my optimism skills if I'm constantly turning into a negative creature at every little change! I'm creating a new challenge! I'm very excited to start! The rules are:

  1. Day 1 Define your comfort zone, it's simple define what your comfort zone is composed of thus after you will find all the necessary steps you need to make to get out of it.
  2. Day 2 Give yourself a pep talk. Write it out or type it and read it out loud to yourself  do it everyday the reason you're in your comfort zone is because you probably lack a lot of motivation to get out of it, so why not become your own greatest cheerleader! Give yourself a pep talk everyday of this challenge it doesn't matter how many times a day either do it one, or do it 10 times if you find it necessary to give yourself that push.
  3. Day 3 smile at 6 random people.
  4. Day 4 say hi to 6 random people.
  5. Day 5 wear something you normally wouldn't wear outside.
  6. Day 6 Listen to some new music or those dormant songs you don't listen to at all anymore. You know those songs on your iPod you hardly ever listen to but they're there all the same, take second to listen to them today and if you don't like them even after you listen to them delete them there's no point of carrying that cushion in your comfort zone with you. You need no extra weight while you're traveling the perimeters of your safe zone. 
  7. Day 7 Meditate for an hour straight. I find this so difficult to do, there's always something on my mind and at times it can be impossible for me to focus and clear my head which is why I'm going to push myself to do this. Using the timer on my iPod I'm definitely going to try this meditation. 
  8. Day 8 Watch a new show. I have a set of shows I cannot miss and shoes that I tend to avoid but I'm going to try something new and if I don't like it at least tried and that's satisfaction enough. You're probably thinking "you're just watching a new show what's the big deal?", the reason I find this a necessary step is because you have to take the little things and measure their importance on your own personal scale. 
  9. Day 9 Talk to someone you normally wouldn't talk to. There are people at work or at school that you run into all the time someone who you see plenty but never talk to simply say hi and let any other conversation unfold its that simple. 
  10. Day 10 Reflect. Reflect on the lessons you've learned in the last 10 days,record them in a journal on your computer or in a book and remember as a symbol that you never have to restrict yourself to simply one routine way of life. 
  11. Day 11 Speak up. Speak up in class, at work to a family member speak up publicly and let them know your point of view. A lot of the time we as people find ourselves in the position of listener and simply being influenced its rare when we go the extra mile and tell someone else what you think.
  12. Day 12  Enter a contest,giveaway, or scholarship it can't hurt to try and truly believe in your worthiness to win.
  13. Day 13 Acknowledge an old non-beneficial  mindset and let it go. Many people hold onto grudges and regrets without even acknowledging it, find one old regret or grudge and  type it or write yourself 10 reasons why you should let it go.
  14. Day 14 Try a new workout. Its good to challenge both the mind and body.
  15. Day 15 Throw something out or giveaway something you don't use or hardly have paid attention to in the last 10 years.
  16. Day 16 Try something creatively new, if you write a blog do a new kind of blog post, if you're a dancer try a new routine, if you're a singer sing a different kind of song from a new genre I'm going to kind of enjoy this one you guys just wait!
  17. Day 17 Change your look. Change you everyday hairstyle or  make up look.
  18. Day 18 Tell several people today you love them first. It can be at any random time today but let someone know you love them.
  19. Day 19 Wear a band and snap it for every negative thought that touches your mind.
  20. Day 20 Reflection time, what have you learned yet again the last 10 days?
  21. Day 21 D.I.Y. something. Put your own detailed spin on something you typically wouldn't. Get creative!
  22. Day 22 Post a picture of yourself you don't entirely favor. I have pictures of myself on my iPod and computer that came out nice but not the way I'm used to them so I'll post it today.
  23. Day 23 Add a new word to my vocabulary. I've abused the term awesome something must take its place!
  24. Day 24 Write a letter to your younger self, pick any time younger self you wish to write to whether it's your 15 year old self or perhaps your 7 year old self about the things you've learned.
  25. Day 25 Learn 35 new facts today, keep count.
  26. Day 26  Give up one social network today, just one it can be any of the many do it for a solid 24 hours.
  27. Day 27 Discover a new theme song, or if you don't have one get one! One of my motivating theme songs is Champion by Kanye West because I like to think that's what I am, scratch that it's what I know I am but that's been my theme song for the past 3 years or so I need a new one.
  28. Day 28 Reboot your resume and make it a lot more spicy and interesting than before add some more of you!
  29. Day 29 Forgive yourself for an old mistake you've made. We all have that old past flaw, or mess up we think of and cringe today is the day we let it go!
  30. Day 30 Say hello to all the new experiences and joys you're about to face. Say hello to ever challenge approach it with open arms. Write it or type it but log this day as the day you positively approach your future, that you hug change you can even draw a symbol to greet it.
  31. Day 31 Reflect on all that you've learned!

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