Monday, September 3, 2012

The Tunic

  I think its easy to see Summer has captured me in it's lovely embrace and won't let me go. Summer I'm going to miss you but I have to let you go, and with this outfit I kiss you goodbye. Now, that I'm done with the dramatics check out the detail in this top, got it for about a dollar at the thrift store eep!

I go back to school tomorrow.....on the upsde I created my vision board and I took pictures of it and I love it! I'm taking pictures of it and keeping it in my iPod and phone as a reminder that regardless of school  I can't forget my goals and that I will get through this. 


  1. That tunic is awesome on you! I am LOVING the color. And your earrings? Kind of obsessed. Gorgey!! :)

  2. Gorgeous tunic! That color looks great on you! :)