Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Sunk and Who Slayed!

Basically I need Demi Lovato to give me a break, and let me have this dress and that jacket. The dress screams ME, the sparkle the style, the layered motorcycle jacket, I'm doing a polyvore set on it as we speak!

  Rihanna brought back the short hair, and I'm very pleased she was working the white monotone trend in this lovely gown!

I have a confession..if you've seen me on twitter @deejayhasspoken then you'd realize my middle school , obsession has been revived, my love of Miley Cyrus look at her all vampire-like and what not in this dress! Miley's hair was a subject of a lot of debate, but I love it personally I've always wanted that hair cut, in dark brown of course.

Pink slayed in her slayed in her performance I was literally up and belting out the song as she performed!! Pink has been this kick butt,super hero woman to me since waaay back when she was singing about her family in Family Portrait where she took a personal look into her life and put it in song, she's an amazing song write, let me stop before this becomes a Pink dedicated post. I like the dress, and I love her, and I love her music, and her lyrics so all in all she slayed regardless of what she was wearing, she's flipping Pink she could wear a brown sac and still rock it!

Alicia Keys, Girl is On Fire is still in my head the performance, her stage wear!!! Gabby did her thing across that stage!

I know you're looking for the who sunk, but no one exactly sank for me hmm, I like focusing on the slays more.

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