Friday, October 5, 2012

A Pet Peeve

    I have been subject to hearing the term "female" in ill-mannered context, referring to women in slang terms repeatedly and I've had enough. You're wondering "what wrong with simply stating female you are a woman", it's the context in which the word is used that bothers me. I've heard the term be used in instances such as, "Man, these females are crazy". "What about you and that female?" caveman-like isn't it. Some of you won't understand the phrases being used but it's a growing typical saying in the slang using world and I would appreciate the termination of it's growing popularity. Referring to a woman as strictly female, strips her of a name, and uses a broad scientific term to identify her. Female can be in reference to anything a dog, fish, bear so it almost dehumanizes the woman in question. I've been referred to as strictly female before and I hated it, and in turn let the person saying it "have it". He said it in this specific context: "Ayye female, pass me my book", if that doesn't sound just somewhat off setting to some, then I suggest those who find nothing wrong with the above statement to feel free to scroll on down my page, past this post.
  I have a name, a nickname, I'm more than simply "female", I'm a young woman there's a level of maturity and recognizable background to myself that I will not let go unnoticed. It may not seem like a large issue to you, but would it be different if I called every guy simply male, or male being? We must not dehumanize one another with these terms that can come off rude and or disrespectful and finally if you know my name USE IT.

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