Monday, October 1, 2012

Amazing Much?!I, is pretty amazing indeed. I sat down in my car, my parents in the front seats my mother turned her head to tell me I received a package. Confusion immediately fed into my head and just as quickly cleared when I realized my package has arrived!! sent me about 13 pairs of earrings!
   The earrings price ranges are from 2.00 dollars to perhaps 2.50 I believe and trust me on a college student budget that's saying something! You get free shipping after spending 10 dollars and you can use my name Dinesha Johnson at the check out, to get 10% off your purchase! I need to stop abusing the exclamation button but I can't help it, the earrings are of good quality and designs range from roaring black panther earrings to pink and white floral earrings to hoops and dangles and oh my!
  I only wanted predominantly stud earrings because I love stud earrings with character, you know something medium to small with that extra touch. I was very happy to find the earrings weren't tiny( I have bought earrings via the interwebs in hopes of getting a decent sized bauble for my ears only to look at an earring the size of a dust particle). The quality is very good, the size is decent the price is affordable and shopaholic friendly. I just keep looking at my earrings sitting across from me, all these OOTD ideas keep emerging into my head today has been a great day!

Each of these earrings were about 2.50  and remember use the code Dinesha Johnson for 10% at the check out toodles love by the way have you seen my comfort zone challenge

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