Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black Cats and Purple!

   I bought another darn lipstick....The lipstick was only 99 cent but I feel slightly guilty all the same,I mustn't develop such a habit of splurge buying.  I also bought a pack of earrings they were merely 2 dollars but still I'm not in the position for random buys. I'm going to seriously go on a shopping hiatus, but as for now I want to share with you my Shiny Purple by Ruby Kisses! The lipstick goes on smoothly and is moisturizing and very cheap!

Are those black cats on my ears?

Yes indeed! 

Oh and I want to share with you my other recent splurge these stud earrings!

I'm really going to work on my mini shopping addiction, I am!


  1. Cute hair!
    I've been experimenting with lipstick for the past month, I'm liking it so far, still getting used to color. I will have to try this one, looks cute on you!

  2. You're so pretty with those braids and love that lipstick on you!