Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10 of The Comfort Zone

  Hey guys, first thing I'd like to say about today is how amazing it is that's already 10 days into the challenge.  I remember looking all the way back at the first few instances I had at school and was so panicked and thinking the world was practically falling apart but here I am and I think I'm doing pretty well! I've made great leaps at college going to different places, navigating campus, meeting new people, speaking up, and taking more initiative. I proud of the skills I'm developing and I'm happy for all the growth I've made. The Comfort Zone challenge is an excellent way to practice the randomness that is life and taking more things by chance, and I need to grow more comfortable with that and I'm slowly but surely am.
    Today is the day of reflection, and I'm reflecting that I'm a lot more flexible than I thought I was. I realize I'm not necessarily as stick in the mud as I thought I was and that I actually change. I'm happier with myself and can feel my confidence blossom even further as I discover that there actually is a lot more to who I am then simply whining and crying about change. I love the fact that I'm using the words "I can" a lot more than can't.

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