Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 14 and Day 15

  Day 14's workout was basically: FALL CLEANING. I went through all of my other clothes and all throughout my closet and really organized a lot of looks. After working up a sweat, the creative juices were going and I picked out a lot of different looks. I'm going to try and do an outfit of the day each time this week and guys be sure to check out my Instagram @deejayzface I posted a mini out fit look on there recently and you can always check out my Instagram pictures on my facebook page!
  Day 15, I tossed out some old clothes I don't need anymore. I love that I had extra room for all my clothes after I cleaned up. Cleaning and getting rig of unnecessary items is so therapeutic!

By the way you seriously need to check up on both and my instagram I know the blog has been picture-dry so you can always catch up on my looks there until I get back into the groove of doing OOTDs again.


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