Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 of The Comfort Zone Challenge

10 new facts( simply because I cannot retain 35):

  1.  Lectures on pornography in college are unneeded, there's nothing that can be taught that's not already obvious.
  2. Macchciato means stain in Italian.
  3. Nike started off selling shoes from the back of his trunk.
  4. I have a good speech giving voice.
  5. I need a better workout schedule.
  6. Flint, Michigan isn't as dangerous as everyone assumes.
  7. Peanuts are part of ingredients for dynamite. 
  8. Winston Churchill was born in a ladies room at a dance.
  9. Adam Brown, an amazing Navy Seal lost an eye, hurt his hand, and faced tons of adversity and came out on top continuously.
  10. Posture is important in a speech. 

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