Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9 of The Comfort Zone

    I'd like to do a quick recap of yesterday's  meditation and I do believe I've found something I shall practice a lot more. I meditated the other day and I slept so well, and all my jumpy nerves seemed to disappear. I had an exam today, one of my first in my class and it did initially have me worried but after some focus on clearing my head I felt so much better. I watched a new show as well I watched The Long Island Medium, and I'm still slightly a skeptic when it comes to mediums and other concepts of that matter but this lady was on it!! As for today's challenge I spoke to a lovely young lady, and strangely enough I've found my conversation skills to not be nearly as dead as they can come off as. It felt good conversing with someone new to me. I'm truly enjoying and appreciating this challenge a lot, its keeping things interesting.

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