Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Days 22 and 23 of The Comfort Zone Challenge

  My D.I.Y. project is still very much so in the process, I keep going from one idea to the next but it will be done! Day 23 as in today, I decided my new word shall be fantastic, there's a happy drama to the term that I love now. I would love to stay far more updated on these posts but I've got a feeling I'm going on a post hiatus after this month. Every now and then it's good to take a vacation from the blog(not that it's a bad job) to refresh your techniques recognize the path you want the blog to take. I'm all about relaxing and releasing right about now especially around my midterms.


  1. thank you @Ronan Mckenzie and I'm looking forward to a moment to recollect my blog's direction and I'll be sure to bring back some more style lol

  2. ahh enjoy your break deejay and come back with some more fantastic styles :) x