Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mane

Hey guys I decided to partake in some protective styling with these chunky box braids that I love so much. Box braids are so cheap and easy to do, and they don't take nearly as much time as some of the other styles I've done. I'm reminded that I'm currently about 3 years natural, I'm quite proud that I haven't been necessarily tempted to cut  or even perm my hair! My natural hair routine hasn't changed much either.My regimen currently goes a little something like this:

  1. Every other week I rinse my hair, pre-condition, wash, deep condition and then rinse it out again. I seal in the moisture with oil, or whatever styling product I'm using to twist and stretch my hair.
  2. On a day to day basis I use a styling product to twist my hair every night and I use a spray leave in specifically Aussie Moist on my hair on  a day to day basis.
  3.   When I have my hair in braids I wash my scalp every two weeks and maintain moisture and sealing it in with oil.
 My main priorities when doing my hair is all about sealing in moisture,because I want length but I'm in need of more thickness to my hair as well, so I'm going to switch it up a little. 

  Every other week I'll rinse my hair, pre-condition, wash, deep condition and then rinse it out again, but now I'll do a hot oil treatment once a month and a protein treatment every two months. 

    The products I'm currently using are African's Ultimate Herbal Oil, Aussie's Leave-in, Roots of Nature Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil Reconstructing Deep Treatment as my deep conditioner and let me tell you guys that deep conditioner is amazing! My hair feels so soft after using this new product in comparison to the Aussie 5 minute deep conditioner its nice, but the Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil deep conditioner is a lot more conditioning, and thicker, which my hair responds to a lot better. 


  1. do u burn the ends of your braids or just braid to the end or leave loose

  2. Cute!! Good advice and washing and maintaining the braids.