Sunday, October 21, 2012

What To Wear To An Exam

  You're looking at the title scoffing at the mere idea of dressing a certain way to an exam and that's fine but I for one am developing my own little ritual as far as midterms,and exams and this is how I want to go about it. When going into an exam you can be nervous, frightened and panicked but fear not dress in something you feel good in and I promise the feeling will spread. I pick out one of my favorite outfits and will wear it to my midterm Oct. 24th and I will look fabulous my make up will be superb and I will ace my exam, because I studied, I made the effort and I feel darn good about it!

  Positive energy, is necessary if you want to dominate and destroy this exam! You have to make it your business to treat yourself especially exam day! Look good, eat well, feel good,study hard and you have all the necessary weapons to win this war I promise!

test dress

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