Tuesday, November 27, 2012


           I am excited. I find my excitement odd, because I have 2 fairly large exams on the way, I'll be moving onto my college campus and beginning a brand new semester full of new classes which is a lot of change, which I'm typically paralyzed by. My beginning semester to be frank I was a train wreck but with good reason! I was starting something brand new, but now I have more experience and I'm proud I made it through at least my 1st semester in one peace, the freshman lives! Change typically scares me into having multiple breakdowns and crying but I feel so much stronger now and a lot better, if I can take this step who's saying where I can go from here. I feel great, proud and confident I've not only progressed in my education but I've progressed as a person and I'm excited to grow even more from this point on. My decision to become more positive and letting go of my iron tight grip on everything has been the best decision I've ever made. I don't know what you believe in, but I believe in God, you don't have to but my own personal relationship with him has grown and I'm very happy for that as well. I'm happy with the path I'm taking, the choices I'm making and who I am becoming. I've got all these plans for 2013, is anyone else excited for the new coming year?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Progress and Challenges

          My style posts are severely lacking but I'm definitely going to bring out the big guns to end this year. I have a goal of doing an Outfit of The Day post everyday in December,Sundays are exempt because sometimes you need a little break, Rome wasn't built in a day neither was my wardrobe. I have a lot of exciting plans for December and can't wait to share them with you! I'm especially excited about my 31 Outfits For December Challenge! I've been lacking on outfit posts not because I've been continuously wearing sweats(I don't know why but I'm not comfortable being in sweats outside I'm odd that way) but in all honesty I haven't had the time to take photos and I hate doing outfit repeats. I have a lot of new additions to my closet and I shall have a lot of free time as well, by the way did I tell you guys I'm going to be living on campus next year for Winter-Spring semester! Living on campus, is going to be a brand new adventure and I'm determined to stay optimistic about it, reflecting on the last few months versus my initial reaction to starting school which can be seen here, Professional Venting. I remember sobbing at the mere idea of having to leave, and my dire need to have nothing to do with this institution called college, now I can approach it without even getting teary-eyed that's what I call progress ^_^.

This Monday Morning

      Monday mornings are one of thee most hated things on the planet. I for one had a love/hate relationship with the mornings as well as Mondays I came to the realization that there's some good to it all though. Monday is a fresh new start, to put a brand new attitude and plan into motion if you're not aware of how much power and energy propels a week quite like positive energy and attitudes do on a Monday morning no wonder you hate them. I made myself get up at 6 A.M. as usual, some people scoff at this notion, others are shocked I'm still conscious by the afternoon, but I don't look at it that way anymore. I have to recognize, a lot people can't wake up by themselves, a lot of people didn't wake up at all that morning I'm in no position to complain about a mere Monday and the morning I'm healthy and young I might as well condition myself now and not only get used to it but, learn to love it. The perks of Monday mornings:

  • Fresh start
  • Hey at least you woke up
  • If you make a mistake to day you have the rest of the week to make up for it
  • One day down only a few more to go until Friday!!
        The bottom line is we're all going to have to face a Monday morning whether it be a hot and bright Monday in Cali, or a cold dark one here in Michigan it's the beginning of the week and today is the day you decide how much you do with this week. Not every single day is promised so make the most out of this one, even Monday.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Watch Out For Gratitude

 This video describes my Positive Challenge process so well, by the way this young woman is the amazing Marie Forleo one of the listed life coaches from my last post The Drawing Board . I hope you guys all carry the practice of gratitude past Thanksgiving and give thanks for every single day.

What is An Optimist?

          I'm not a guru, nor am I professional but I am a thinker and I do enjoy sharing my ideas and I wanted to share with you guys what I think an optimist is, and what people tend to think optimists are. Typically an optimist is a person depicted in bright colors, spreading nothing but joy and cheer and never have a bad day., and are always happy. Realistically speaking, an individual that has never faced a bad day in their lives either has a skewed definition of what a bad day is, or this person simply does not exist.
      An optimist, to me, is an individual that recognizes the reality of a situation and can still find the silver lining, and find inner peace. An optimist is a person who has known darkness and has known pain, but can find strength to move past it, and move forward to a better brighter future. An optimist is someone who can acknowledge that it's cold in the morning and they don't feel like leaving their bed, but they do because they know the bigger picture, they're aware that it's necessary to hone and maintain their own inner light and that sharing this light is what makes the world go around.
       An optimist acknowledges the importance of staying optimistic, and they recognize their imperfections, they recognize they get tired and annoyed, but an optimist is faithful in their success, they put faith in their happiness.An optimist is a person who not only owns their right to be happy but are prepared to fight tooth and nail to keep it safe. An optimist, is not made of flowers and butterflies, they don't force smiles but they don't fight smiles either,  an optimist is an inner peace warrior, and I'm proud to say that I am on my way to developing stronger optimism, feel free to share in the comments what you feel an optimist is.

The Craving

           I have an entire drawer worth, of assorted earrings, from apple shaped to lightening bolts I like to think I have a little bit of everything. Although, grateful for my current state of earring haul-age, I have a craving for great big bejeweled earrings like no other. I miss the big vintage, costume jewelry and yet strangely it's no where to be found >.<. I am on the hunt for specific vintage, dangle earrings such as below. It's something about the crispness of winter and all the snow and ice that makes me want to feel like some kind of princess and what's a proper princess without the proper baubles.

Earrings I Crave

The Drawing Board

           Remember my last challenge I shared with you guys on the blog The Positive Challenge, to be precise, I've stuck by it. I have kept my positive mantras in mind, even though I am human and I do have my days, counting my blessings to quiet the negative voices has helped me a lot. I learned a lot of great things doing that challenge and making optimism a skill has helped me, in ways I never knew it would. I recently watched Super Soul Sunday on Oprah's channel OWN and it was all about these 3 spiritual, motivational speakers Gabrielle Bernstein who's a life coach, motivational speaker, author and founder of HerFuture.com   a mentoring site for women, then there's Marie Forleo, a marketing and lifestyle expert who creates weekly videos I am slowly but surely growing obsessed with, By the way if you'd like to see Forleo's videos check out her website here,  http://www.marieforleo.com. Last but, not least there's Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love. These motivational speakers, are all young and ooze so much wisdom and optimism I could feel it through my television, and what made me feel better is that these people were not only established, and successful but they're young, like you and I which comforted me. I'm not saying that other motivational speakers who are older aren't comforting because they are, but what I am saying is it makes me feel like that level of enlightenment is obtainable regardless of age and I love that they represented another demographic. The comfort lies in feeling that I too can reach that enlightenment and not spend a lifetime struggling to reach this contentment that has always been in the palm of my hands. Each of these people, have their own positive mantras, and ways to go about their lives, they have their own definitions of spirituality,what drives them, and why and that's what I want to focus on.

How do I define spirituality?:   I define spirituality as, infinite growth. Growing until you burst from your comfort zone and you surpass the limitations you once had for yourself. Spirituality to me, is exercise the strength of the spirit and letting it grow.

What drives me and why?:  I drive me, I have a personal desire to reach success. God drives me because I know that God wants me to be happy and to reach my fullest potential my fullest potential will not only satisfy me but I hope that through my success it will reach other people and that I can share my blessings with the world, like God wants me to, and has raised me to. Finally my family drives me because they put so much support and have invested so much time into me. I have no choice but to show my family that all the effort they put into helping mold me to the person I am, has not been in vain.
    I'm at my drawing board to create the proper path for reaching the utmost spiritual enlightenment needed for success and quite frankly I'm excited!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Breather

      Hello guys! I know it's been a while since I've regularly posted, but it's all in the name of taking a moment to simply breathe and reflect on just what exactly is this blog about! I want this blog to be about me, my personal stories and struggles and triumphs. I want to be considered inspirational to other girls like me. I've been trying to identify in my blogging break just what exactly makes me stand out, what do I brand myself on? I'm still in the pursuit of figuring out what exactly makes me different in the blogger world, but I do know what I can do in the mean time, and that's get better organized for the blog and realizing what exactly began to discourage me from blogging in the first place. I found myself burning out, although I enjoy blogging doing it every single day became somewhat tiresome. I'm currently going to make it my duty to post every other day starting next Monday! I'm excited for the holiday season, and sharing so much with you all and especially excited for the new year(that is if it doesn't end, I'm joking....or am I?). I've done a lot of growth in my little break and I'm prepared to do so much more now and do a lot better!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feeling Beautiful

         The title of this blog post is entirely to cliche' to function, yet it seems to fit so perfectly with what I wish to share with you guys. I am on my way to venturing on my next semester of college. The freshman had a few nervous breakdowns in the beginning but she's doing quite fine and shall continue to do so, if not even better. I just want to take a moment to be happy and grateful for how far I've come. I've done so many things, I never thought I'd be able to do, and amazingly I'm actually enjoying myself in the process. The college experience provoked something in me, that laid dormant because it didn't need to be awake and that thing is my fear. My fear had been asleep for so long and the moment it woke up, I've been singing it to sleep once again ever since. I learned how to be my own superhero again, I learned how to comfort myself when no one else is there to do so.
   Not only have I figured out how to be my own best friend, I have been exercising my will to achieve more. My writing skills have not only grown but there's an originality to my writing technique that comes so  natural to me. I never felt more beautiful than I do now,which is something I never imagined saying while going through this experience. Although, difficult and terrifying my growth has made me found deeper value in myself, I hadn't tapped into before. The shaking fear has lifted and revealed a reflection I am enchanted by. I feel so beautiful.

Monday, November 5, 2012


  When I was younger, I dreamed of being a singer. I decided not to pursue a musical career and focus on something more stable such as writing. I was going to be a writer, but that wasn't stable enough so I expanded the idea of going into something bigger and pursued something in communication. I decided to become a journalist. If we lived in a fantasy world my true path would go a little something like this:

  • I'd receive my BA at 21, in journalism.
  • I'd do an interview with a record company.
  • My singing inadvertently becomes discovered.
  • In the process I've developed not only a journalism career but also something in music.
  • I begin writing more and publish a book on the way.
  • I've expanded and now have an extensive resume littered with music, and writing and writing and music and experience in interviews as well. 
  My last goal post didn't have these things on it, because I found myself censoring my own dreams, censoring my thoughts. At the moment I can only do what I can but I don't want to muffle, the fact that my love of music still lives. I can't sugar coat it, music lies so deeply within me, I'm not saying I'll be working on an album tomorrow but I am saying that I'm going to open my eyes more, and fully embrace the "anything could happen" mantra and as long as I put in the effort to receive success, success will be granted to me, and it doesn't even have to be the way I laid it out above, I just need to have faith that the best things will occur to me, that need to and as long as I try I will be given that success. 

Black Girls Rock

         I've seen people make some odd comments on this award show such as: "If there was a White Girls Rock it would be considered racists", allow me to explain why it's not only acceptable for there to be a Black Girls Rock, but it's necessary. Black Girls Rock is one of the few mediums that presents black women and black girls in a positive light. The media loves to promote negative stigmas because it's considered entertainment.The moment a positive medium has been presented it needs to have a spot light, because the media loves to depict black women as: loud, rude, ghetto, and other ugly stereotypes. IT'S NECESSARY TO PROMOTE THE POSITIVES IN A WORLD FILLED WITH THE RIM WITH NEGATIVES. So, a White Girl's Rock doesn't exist not because it would be racist, it doesn't exist because it's not desperately needed, whereas a Black Girl's Rock is, and I'm not saying white women don't face challenges because sadly they do.Women in general face various levels of challenges simply because of gender but a woman of color faces not only a faces a glass ceiling but cement walls, and steel doors, traps and sand pits in her pursuit of success. So I'm a proud viewer of Black Girls Rock and my heart swelled with such pride to see all the successful African American women present and be honored. I was so inspired, because in a place where tons of doubt, and discouragement stack up on your back it made me feel good to see it is possible and success can be achieved!

I'm Still Here

          I've been doing so much thinking lately about befores and afters. I remember my first day of high school, when I went to orientation and I practically had a break down in the car. I was terrified of being the new kid again and walking those halls alone, I was so nervous and anxious at this new change I was facing. The anxiety and panic I felt at my high school orientation was a lot like that of the anxiety I felt about my first day of college. I was so anxious, and frightened it was like holding a grenade with oil coated hands. At any moment I felt like I'd self destruct. Now, I've never been so comfortable and confident about my campus navigating skills. I like walking about on campus, just myself, God and my own thoughts is enough for me. Once upon a time, I used to find pain in my beginning loneliness but no longer am I lonely I am comfortable in being alone, but I'm never lonely. I feel like through my college experience I've grown so much closer to God and that through every experience he is always equipping me with the tools to get through them. Through my transition I've come out so much closet to God, and that closeness my profound connection to God has grown and matured with me. I'm proud of myself that when facing these new challenges and changes I didn't run from them and revert to the darkness that is my old pessimistic self.
         I'll be moving onto campus soon enough and I need to carry my relationship with God with me, into this next experience as well. God will never leave me, he has never given up on me, the only reason I couldn't recognize his presence beforehand is because I allowed fear to cake and muck up my view. Now with my new found confidence in God, I've grown more comfortable with change and I recognize I am strong enough to adapt and handle all the things that come with that change. I'm looking to God to help me, not only acknowledge the full length of my strength, but also to help me find the proper path. I find myself a little shook up when approaching the technical aspects of journalism. I'm realizing that sometimes there's some parts and bits I'm not entirely fond of such as the fact that it's not the most stable industry and sometimes I fear I lack the necessary people skills to conduct a proper interview( I know I'm thinking way to into it, and I am being somewhat hard on myself). I just want to find the best path for not only myself, but something where I can reach others. I can't give up though regardless of what I'm afraid of, or what I think I need success not only for myself but for the team that has stood behind me all these years. I have some idea of the career I wish to venture into such as: Writing, reading,talking,inspiring,and growing.

I also want to make other forms of personal progress such as:

  • Getting my license! I can't believe I still haven't gotten my license it upsets me so much simply to think about it!
  • Getting a job this Summer.
  • Getting that scholarship I'm not giving up!
I am blessed to at least have some vision and direction, and I still have some hunger for it.