Monday, November 5, 2012

Black Girls Rock

         I've seen people make some odd comments on this award show such as: "If there was a White Girls Rock it would be considered racists", allow me to explain why it's not only acceptable for there to be a Black Girls Rock, but it's necessary. Black Girls Rock is one of the few mediums that presents black women and black girls in a positive light. The media loves to promote negative stigmas because it's considered entertainment.The moment a positive medium has been presented it needs to have a spot light, because the media loves to depict black women as: loud, rude, ghetto, and other ugly stereotypes. IT'S NECESSARY TO PROMOTE THE POSITIVES IN A WORLD FILLED WITH THE RIM WITH NEGATIVES. So, a White Girl's Rock doesn't exist not because it would be racist, it doesn't exist because it's not desperately needed, whereas a Black Girl's Rock is, and I'm not saying white women don't face challenges because sadly they do.Women in general face various levels of challenges simply because of gender but a woman of color faces not only a faces a glass ceiling but cement walls, and steel doors, traps and sand pits in her pursuit of success. So I'm a proud viewer of Black Girls Rock and my heart swelled with such pride to see all the successful African American women present and be honored. I was so inspired, because in a place where tons of doubt, and discouragement stack up on your back it made me feel good to see it is possible and success can be achieved!

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  1. I believe that there may be some good intentions behind this, but fact is that in the world now people like to raise differences and frustrate people who have weak state of mind. Even in the black community there's a highlighted difference between dark skinned and light skinned girls or even natural and relaxed. Everything is so done with interests and those people creating this kind of groups end up by reacting like medias and others so I prefer to not support those kind of movements.