Monday, November 5, 2012


  When I was younger, I dreamed of being a singer. I decided not to pursue a musical career and focus on something more stable such as writing. I was going to be a writer, but that wasn't stable enough so I expanded the idea of going into something bigger and pursued something in communication. I decided to become a journalist. If we lived in a fantasy world my true path would go a little something like this:

  • I'd receive my BA at 21, in journalism.
  • I'd do an interview with a record company.
  • My singing inadvertently becomes discovered.
  • In the process I've developed not only a journalism career but also something in music.
  • I begin writing more and publish a book on the way.
  • I've expanded and now have an extensive resume littered with music, and writing and writing and music and experience in interviews as well. 
  My last goal post didn't have these things on it, because I found myself censoring my own dreams, censoring my thoughts. At the moment I can only do what I can but I don't want to muffle, the fact that my love of music still lives. I can't sugar coat it, music lies so deeply within me, I'm not saying I'll be working on an album tomorrow but I am saying that I'm going to open my eyes more, and fully embrace the "anything could happen" mantra and as long as I put in the effort to receive success, success will be granted to me, and it doesn't even have to be the way I laid it out above, I just need to have faith that the best things will occur to me, that need to and as long as I try I will be given that success. 

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