Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feeling Beautiful

         The title of this blog post is entirely to cliche' to function, yet it seems to fit so perfectly with what I wish to share with you guys. I am on my way to venturing on my next semester of college. The freshman had a few nervous breakdowns in the beginning but she's doing quite fine and shall continue to do so, if not even better. I just want to take a moment to be happy and grateful for how far I've come. I've done so many things, I never thought I'd be able to do, and amazingly I'm actually enjoying myself in the process. The college experience provoked something in me, that laid dormant because it didn't need to be awake and that thing is my fear. My fear had been asleep for so long and the moment it woke up, I've been singing it to sleep once again ever since. I learned how to be my own superhero again, I learned how to comfort myself when no one else is there to do so.
   Not only have I figured out how to be my own best friend, I have been exercising my will to achieve more. My writing skills have not only grown but there's an originality to my writing technique that comes so  natural to me. I never felt more beautiful than I do now,which is something I never imagined saying while going through this experience. Although, difficult and terrifying my growth has made me found deeper value in myself, I hadn't tapped into before. The shaking fear has lifted and revealed a reflection I am enchanted by. I feel so beautiful.

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