Friday, November 23, 2012

The Drawing Board

           Remember my last challenge I shared with you guys on the blog The Positive Challenge, to be precise, I've stuck by it. I have kept my positive mantras in mind, even though I am human and I do have my days, counting my blessings to quiet the negative voices has helped me a lot. I learned a lot of great things doing that challenge and making optimism a skill has helped me, in ways I never knew it would. I recently watched Super Soul Sunday on Oprah's channel OWN and it was all about these 3 spiritual, motivational speakers Gabrielle Bernstein who's a life coach, motivational speaker, author and founder of   a mentoring site for women, then there's Marie Forleo, a marketing and lifestyle expert who creates weekly videos I am slowly but surely growing obsessed with, By the way if you'd like to see Forleo's videos check out her website here, Last but, not least there's Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love. These motivational speakers, are all young and ooze so much wisdom and optimism I could feel it through my television, and what made me feel better is that these people were not only established, and successful but they're young, like you and I which comforted me. I'm not saying that other motivational speakers who are older aren't comforting because they are, but what I am saying is it makes me feel like that level of enlightenment is obtainable regardless of age and I love that they represented another demographic. The comfort lies in feeling that I too can reach that enlightenment and not spend a lifetime struggling to reach this contentment that has always been in the palm of my hands. Each of these people, have their own positive mantras, and ways to go about their lives, they have their own definitions of spirituality,what drives them, and why and that's what I want to focus on.

How do I define spirituality?:   I define spirituality as, infinite growth. Growing until you burst from your comfort zone and you surpass the limitations you once had for yourself. Spirituality to me, is exercise the strength of the spirit and letting it grow.

What drives me and why?:  I drive me, I have a personal desire to reach success. God drives me because I know that God wants me to be happy and to reach my fullest potential my fullest potential will not only satisfy me but I hope that through my success it will reach other people and that I can share my blessings with the world, like God wants me to, and has raised me to. Finally my family drives me because they put so much support and have invested so much time into me. I have no choice but to show my family that all the effort they put into helping mold me to the person I am, has not been in vain.
    I'm at my drawing board to create the proper path for reaching the utmost spiritual enlightenment needed for success and quite frankly I'm excited!

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