Friday, November 23, 2012

What is An Optimist?

          I'm not a guru, nor am I professional but I am a thinker and I do enjoy sharing my ideas and I wanted to share with you guys what I think an optimist is, and what people tend to think optimists are. Typically an optimist is a person depicted in bright colors, spreading nothing but joy and cheer and never have a bad day., and are always happy. Realistically speaking, an individual that has never faced a bad day in their lives either has a skewed definition of what a bad day is, or this person simply does not exist.
      An optimist, to me, is an individual that recognizes the reality of a situation and can still find the silver lining, and find inner peace. An optimist is a person who has known darkness and has known pain, but can find strength to move past it, and move forward to a better brighter future. An optimist is someone who can acknowledge that it's cold in the morning and they don't feel like leaving their bed, but they do because they know the bigger picture, they're aware that it's necessary to hone and maintain their own inner light and that sharing this light is what makes the world go around.
       An optimist acknowledges the importance of staying optimistic, and they recognize their imperfections, they recognize they get tired and annoyed, but an optimist is faithful in their success, they put faith in their happiness.An optimist is a person who not only owns their right to be happy but are prepared to fight tooth and nail to keep it safe. An optimist, is not made of flowers and butterflies, they don't force smiles but they don't fight smiles either,  an optimist is an inner peace warrior, and I'm proud to say that I am on my way to developing stronger optimism, feel free to share in the comments what you feel an optimist is.

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