Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Year in Review


          Hey guys, I decided I wanted to take a moment to think of all I've achieved in the year 2012 and then make some new goals for 2013. I never was a huge New Year's resolution person because I didn't believe it should have to take for a year to pass for someone to make a change. I believe change can happen at all times, anywhere, anyhow and for anyone not just for a new year a lot of people could be going through changes right now as I type this post, and that's the beautiful thing about life and the unknown.
2012 was a lot of different things for me. I was terrified of graduating, leaving high school and suddenly not knowing which route to take. I remember that year I told myself "I'm going to Wayne State University and I'm going to get my BA in journalism", but things never go as planned because by the time I graduated my attitude towards school had shifted. I looked at school as something small, an institution built on socializing young adults and getting them ready for this obnoxious man-made standard and then shipping them off(aren't I the cynic?). I kept having all these little buzzes in my ears telling me "college doesn't guarantee a job","you could be getting experience now and go to college later" and then the loveliest of ideas whispered in my ears, the one I was so fond of "take a year off", I was so tempted to take a year off and simply work a nice little job at the Dollar Tree to keep me busy and simply enjoy life for a year of no schooling!!! I was seriously considering simply not showing up to WSU even though I had been accepted back that September.My parents had other ideas, and I was being set up at WSU all over again, with every fear no to man crawling around in my gut.
What if I get lost on campus?
What if I don't get a job?
What if I can't afford it?
What if I'm just wasting my time?
           None of these questions got answered one solid time, I had to go on this new school adventure alone, and with nothing but faith to drive me and quite frankly I did mighty fine if I do say so myself. Walking on campus with nothing but God by my side, annoyance in my eyes, and a strong grip on my purse I had no idea I'd be where I am now. I considered trying school for a month and if I didn't like it, I'd quit, and find myself (feel free to laugh, I know I am). Although, my first few weeks were riddled with financial worry(which was ridiculous because I ended up with enough financial aid refunds to cover my books and what not), I got through them unharmed and actually made a friend or 2 in the process. What I really got out of my first semester was to know myself better and to know God better. 2012 turned out to be one of my most challenging and successful years. So lets shoot to the quick recap:

  1. I graduated from high school this year.
  2. I kept my weight down.
  3. I gave blood.
  4. I got accepted to Wayne State University.
  5. I successfully finished my first semester at Wayne State University.
  6. I learned a lot about myself.
  7. I learned to love myself better.
  8. I have a closer relationship with God.
  9. I recreated this blog.
  10. I voted for the first time!
  11. I'm now creating original, content on this blog that I love and have found others enjoy as well.
  12. I overcame my fear of speaking publicly.
  13. I wrote some amazing college papers which I'm keeping for my portfolio someday.
  14. I did my first ever interview.
  15. I got my driver's permit.
  16. I got my sixth piercing which you can see here
  17. I did youtube videos which you can see here 
    My year was a good one, but you must always keep goal oriented so I shall be creating some more goals to follow such as:
  • Maintaining nothing but As and Bs, next semester. 
  • Staying organized.
  • Getting a job.
  • Getting my driver's license. 
  • Creating better quality photos for the blog.
  • Keeping a battery budget(my camera runs on batteries which is why I haven't taken any pics really with it, because I haven't had any smh)
  • Losing 5 more lbs. and maintaining my weight. 
  • Working on my writing portfolio.
  • Working on writing a book.
  • Becoming closer to my inner self. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Fave OOTDs Of 2012

        I have my own personal favorite outfit of the day looks, and quite frankly I'm a bit biased because some of these looks got extra points simply because of how comfortable I was in it tee hee. By the way you'll notice only about 11 looks even though I wanted one for each month, but I went on hiatus in November and posted no OOTD. I'm excited for next year, as you know this year I had a rocky start with getting better picture quality but starting 2013 I am going to learn how to work with my new camera, and bring a lot better quality! Let me know if you had any specific faves that aren't posted below by the way happy holidays!



No November and far lol

Friday, December 28, 2012

Makeup Looks of 2012!

        I am a makeup beginner but I am extremely observant, I noticed some major makeup trends this year. Coral lipsticks, to tinted coral lip balms, and coral lipstains were everywhere for the daring makeup wearers, and pink from the lightest shade to the darkest shade was everywhere, for the warmer seasons. Glowy bronzer was everywhere and also the use of lighter under eye concealer to give even more of an awake look was thoroughly exercised, the Summer of 2012 was the first time I ever bought a lipstick!


    Over the course of fall and winter, you can imagine that makeup grew much darker, smoky eyes were welcomed extreme cat eye liner was put to work. Besides bringing a little Gotham to the eyes in both Fall and Winter the dark plum lipstick took over! I looooooooooooove dark plum lipstick! If you're following me on Instagram you would have seen me wearing Vamp it Up by Wet n Wild multiple times. It's something about that dark vampy lipstick that does something to me! Besides the plum lipsticks bright red came to play as well, Ruby Woo by Mac was a huge champion among the cosmetics. Might I add, that for me the Wet n Wild matte lipsticks in the black casing called Mega Last Lip color are phenomenal  they cost about 2 dollars a piece but the quality is perfect,especially for a makeup beginner!

Winter Makeup Trends

   I know for a fact I missed some trends in there, and that's where you guys come in at leave a comment below stating some of the trends your spotted this year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Darkest Leopard

          I have been entirely too lazy too function lately. Ever since my Christmas break has started I go to sleep late, wake up later than I'm used to and get nothing done and it's making me ill. I don't like being so lazy, I have goals to be made such as keeping up with this blog and dropping 5 more lbs. before the year is up, so since I've procrastinated like a mad woman I must now work out and blog like my life depends on it :). By the way as far as end of the year resolutions I plan on dropping the 5 lbs. like previously stated and getting my helix pierced, click here to see what I'm talking about! I'm excited, and both semi-tired but that's momentary because once I get back on my sleep schedule I won't be so tired, thankfully. My pants are the darkest leopard print pants ever and it makes me so upset you can't see the print that well in my pictures but besides the disappointingly dark pants check out my newest ear cuff and nose jewelry! I had my nose pierced when I was 16, you might notice I've got double piercings in both ears as well, I got my first ear piercings when I was a baby and my 2nd pair when I was 14. I have been obsessed with finding some black hoop nose rings( I think it makes me look edgy tee hee) and I finally got it! I got both the nose ring and ear cuff at Hot Topic whilst on a shopping trip with friends, the day before the Earth was supposed to end remember that lol?

(You can see the print much better here than in the other shots)

I know all black everything is not very Christmassy but I'm trying to get back into my all black everything mantra I once had lol!

Wearing Peplum top from Meijers, Bongo leopard print pants from Sears, and nose ring and ear cuff from Hot Topic.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Blog's First Birthday

             Today, a year ago my blog was just beginning a new leaf after several not so successful attempts at blogging. I initially started off as a personal style blogger, and it blossomed into something more, something a lot more personal and became a lifestyle blog with a style focus. I'm proud I managed to keep up with my blog for the most part although I haven't posted as much in the last few days(hibernation was setting in my sweets). Here we are, an entire year in blogging still with my own voice, my own opinions,my own style and I've never been more proud of what I've created. I'm happy I got to share this blogging business with you all, I feel through my blog not only has it been a medium for me to vent my frustrations but some of you guys will never know how many times I've had epiphanies about life and myself by simply starting an update or some other post. I've benefited through this blog and hopefully I'll inspire someone else out there who's like me or maybe not like me, someone who needs to see that mistakes happen and sometimes mistakes can be avoided and this is how I dealt with it or didn't deal with it, I just know I want to be a vessel of positive energy in this world and through this blog I hope I've managed to achieve at least some of that, and I will make it my business to continue in that direction. Happy holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Favorite Looks of 2012!!

        2012 was a big change for fashion trends, we took a few more steps towards our classical feminine side such as the ever popular peplum! 2012 was also the year where sheer blouses took over, chambray denim was everywhere, lacey details were spewed in bit and pieces and studs reigned supreme! Below are a few of my favorite trends of 2012, feel free to leave below any trends you favored this year as well!

A few of my fave trends for 2012

Seeing With Your Eyes Wide Open and Happy Holidays!!

  *Warning this blog post makes a lot of references to God, for that's who I believe in, and you may not which is okay in my book so feel free to skip this post.*

        I gained so much from this year that I had no idea I would. I thought going to college was going to be an awful waste of time. I didn't think I'd have any friends, I thought I'd be a loner(which I admittedly am good at) but the reality of the situation has revealed to me sooo many more lessons. I learned that getting older doesn't mean finding yourself it means to creating your self. I learned that growth although uncomfortable is such a beautiful reward in itself, it's a sign of achievement and accomplishment regardless of the odds.  I learned to really see the beauty in who I am and I developed a stronger relationship with God. 
        My attitude has grown to a more positive one, my presence is a lot more calm because I've grown in the comfort of really getting to know God. God not only has a hand in every situation but God himself is the situation, he creates each scenario, each challenge and he's rooting for you every step of the way even when you stumble he is there to catch you God wants to see us succeed, even in our mistakes there is success because for every slip up, the fact that we get back up is enough to let your heart swell proudly for yourself. The year has been an incredible one for me, my faith has grown stronger, my self-esteem and confidence in myself has blossomed even fuller, I feel like I'm seeing with new eyes, where every day is an incredible opportunity for growth and to share your inner light with someone because that's why it's there. Your inner happiness lives inside of you right along with your not so inner happiness it's all about which side of you, you feed and whatever side is the strongest is the side that will control you. Besides the lessons I gained, I gained a lot of happiness, a new way of looking at things I'd once forgotten and I met some great interesting people in the process and came out of this year in one piece.

By the way happy holidays and I'm happy to share my trial and errors with you, and hopefully inspired someone! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Freshman's First Semester

       I didn't know I'd last a day let alone, an entire semester of college but here I am with nothing but As and Bs to show for it might I add :). I know it's merely a semester but it was my first semester and it wasn't a train wreck! I realized a few tips made it easier not only in my classes but it also made it seem like the semester went by a lot quicker by:

  • Schedule as early as possible
  • Get your prerequisites and any requirements out of the way
  • Keeping an assignment schedule
  • Highlight exams
  • Print the flipping syllabus you probably thought you'd never have to see another syllabus again in life think again boo!
  • Figure out what kind of class it is( an active assignment day by day, or lecture based) and how you should best study for it
  • Notebooks are your bffs
  • Keep a campus map by your side, or on your phone
  • Have a checklist of things to keep with you, so you know what to bring on what days
  • Figure out a routine route to get to your classes
  • Save that financial aid refund the struggle for books is real!!
  • Check your student email first thing every morning before heading out to class, because cancellations by the grace of God DO HAPPEN
  • Bring lunch, or keep a food journal just make sure you watch what you eat Freshman 15 is fierce
  • Make at least one buddy for each class, because if you miss a class and need notes it's extremely awkward asking a bunch of people who's names you either, don't know or don't remember (I made a note of this because honestly I'm an introvert a happy introvert at that, I have to remind myself to socialize)
  • Go to sleep(this is seemingly hard for students who stay on campus, which I'll be doing next semester but trust me when I say I have a dire love of sleep nothing is going to stand in my way lol)
  • You're going to make mistakes and that's completely OK  you're in a brand new world with new rules and freedom, mistakes will happen it's apart of life so don't be so hard on your self, you will live to see another day.
     These are just a few things that I learned my first semester of college and they worked quite well for me, leave your own tips in the comments and hopefully I helped a fellow freshman like myself!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ego Intensity

              You may not be able to tell from posts or Youtube videos, you may not even be able to tell when you meet me, you may not be able to tell even after 4 years of friendship but my emotions can go from a neutral 5 to a 50 on a scale that was originally made to only measure from 1-10. My emotions, especially the negative ones have a way of provoking practically physical pain in the heart of me, which is why I decided I wanted to get in touch with something deeper inside of me, I wanted to learn how to heal myself once my assumptions and negative attitude would already cause me harm. I read an article by Lissa Rankin  that you should check out here Lissa Rankin defines the ego, as our a disconnect from out inner self. The ego, is the person we are that was made from our external world. I personally would define ego, as what we created as a shield for our deeper selves when our inner spirit grows fearful of our external world. The ego was created to also help us better assimilate to the materialistic world surrounding us.
              I realize now, that those intense, nasty emotions and attitudes that have been dictated by the outside world are all ego. My ego is loud, angry,greedy, craves attention and then when doesn't receive said attention she resorts to insulting herself and making herself sick. My ego has pride the size of the 3 moons, and 7 small galaxies, I know what my ego looks like, I know what she enjoys, what she hates, to be honest with you I know my ego like the back of my hand which is both good and bad. I know my ego so well, but I lack knowledge on the other side of my, the spiritual side of me. I'm naming my ego Daniella Starbright something dramatic and attention grabbing because my ego wouldn't have it any other way. I became so comfortable with my ego, I let her do everything for me, I let her think for me, make decisions for me, and although some were good looking back a lot were bad as well.
            My inner spirit is my true self and I haven't interacted with her enough in the past years sadly.My inner self is a sweetheart,she loves falling in love, she loves making others laugh, she loves making others feel better. My inner self is one of the most compassionate, empathetic creatures to walk the face of the Earth. My inner self is so sensitive to others emotions, she still believes that love is powerful and that if you love something enough it can make it grow not only bigger but stronger, she believes in generosity and dreaming. My inner self  believes in loving everyone, she believes everyone deserves second chances, she believes everyone has potential she believes in humanity. My inner self  believes that with enough faith any and all things are possible. My inner self  and I are distant friends we talk from time to time, we believe in some of the same things but I don't act on some of the things we believe in nearly as much as my inner self would like me to, I'm too busy plotting my next move with Daniella. I want  a closer relationship with my inner self, with my true being. I love the other side of myself, the deeper me, the inner spirit is someone I'm proud of , she and I used to be best friends when I was younger but it's like as I grew older the harder it was to talk to her, and Daniella started taking up more room.
       I feel like I've made great strides in identifying my ego, Daniella from my inner spirit greatly over these last few months since school started, I actually could hear my inner voice over Daniella who's usually yelling in my ear. I want my inner self to grow once more and be a lot more dominant in my life, and I need Daniella to take a chill pill.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Hair Growth In Review

When I first began this blog, years ago( it was called Mindful Musings of Me, or A Little Bit Of Everything or something else) I created it to initially be all about my natural hair journey and I was obsessed with different styles and growth. As time went on, I began losing interest in this constant need for growth, and I lost interest in this constant search for new hairstyles and I lost passion to blog about it. As, I grew as a person through my natural hair journey I realized I am so much more than hair and then I opened myself to the ideas of blogging about something else. Looking back on where my hair started versus now still gets me every time, though this was my hair  in 2010.
My hair in August of 2010, I thought I looked  so chic and model-esque in this picture lol!

My hair that September, my little picked out fro I was so happy to see at least a little growth.

My hair in October,when I went for a line up, and it turned from a line up to cutting off straight ends, to completely losing at least an inch off my already inch and half long hair.

My hair was in the same style continuously until December, when it grew out a bit long enough for coils and faux hawks. My hair stayed in coils, faux hawks and wash and gos from December 2010-May 2011


My hair began blossoming, that Summer of 2011

                                                     My wash and go, began growing bit by bit.
                                                         I  tried my first ever twist out

Then I called myself trying to dye my hair blue, which was a fail lol!

Then as school began to arrive once again, I had enough hair for none of other than my beloved braids!
Now if you've lost track we're currently in September 2011
In December 2011-Jan.2012 I wore these box braids and I still miss them!!

My hair semi-blown out in March (2012) because I was getting the box braids yet again!

This time I added some color these braids lasted quite a while, all the way until April and I played with twist outs yet again, and then I got my first weave  early May(2012)) for prom!!

I finally removed the weave late July(2012) to find that may hair had reeeeeally grown in!
(My hair shrunk up to this length,the day after I had that big afro I was smiling, to keep from screaming)
I let my hair breathe for about a weak before I grew frustrated with shrinkage (seen above) I mean my hair finally had grew out to this length and it shrunk up almost to the length I had when I first started doing wash and gos no me gusta!
I got my braids back! For my brithday I decided it was time I finally tamed the mane and began trying to tackle the shrinkage and began my journey on perfecting the twist out, this was my hair Aug,15th I remembered specifically because I turned 18 the day after eep!

I wore my hair out and proud, until my student orientation Aug.22nd

Since school has started I've gone from braids, to twist outs, to more braids and then twist outs again and I'm not turning back because in the end, this is what I received! 

The fro of my dreams *ques sappy music* and this my friends is my hair journey and I will be better recording it in 2013. I can't believe how much I've changed in 3 years, from a rocky start in the 11th grade trying to find my proper look and learn what works for me, to confident college student who not only is aware of her proper look but rejoices in it. I always had shaky confidence when I was younger but I never realized just how much I've grown from that unsure high schooler to now, I never knew I'd grow comfortable with calling myself beautiful let alone owning and defining the term beautiful the way I want to. 
I feel so happy reflecting on how much I've changed and for the better, I'm quite proud of myself right now, and I'm happy to have shared this with you all as well until then happy holidays everyone, and keep those of Newton CT. in your hearts as you pray,this evening.