Monday, December 26, 2011

About Me

           Hi, I am Dinesha Johnson the creator of Deejay Speaks. I began blogging in 2008 when I was in the 9th grade without any clue as to what I was doing. After many failed attempts at blogging, and finding a voice it hit me! "I'm Deejay and I want to speak", and thus the blog was born on  Dec.26th 2011*insert Kleenex*.
Deejay Speaks is my baby, and she has grown right along with me! My blog in a series of bullet points is:

  • my personal style magazine
  • my online, therapeutic diary
  • my own little poetry club, featuring me
  • where I get to SPEAK!
  • where I share my journalism student aspirations!
          As time has progressed and knowledge of blogging has grown I decided it would be great to share some of the tips I've gathered on another platform. I created a fun,stylish atmosphere to share blogging tips with beginner bloggers and share experiences with bloggers through The Eye's Interviews!The Eye's Interviews is a section of the blog I've created where I interview bloggers on multiple topics and share their advice as well!

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