Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Hair Growth In Review

When I first began this blog, years ago( it was called Mindful Musings of Me, or A Little Bit Of Everything or something else) I created it to initially be all about my natural hair journey and I was obsessed with different styles and growth. As time went on, I began losing interest in this constant need for growth, and I lost interest in this constant search for new hairstyles and I lost passion to blog about it. As, I grew as a person through my natural hair journey I realized I am so much more than hair and then I opened myself to the ideas of blogging about something else. Looking back on where my hair started versus now still gets me every time, though this was my hair  in 2010.
My hair in August of 2010, I thought I looked  so chic and model-esque in this picture lol!

My hair that September, my little picked out fro I was so happy to see at least a little growth.

My hair in October,when I went for a line up, and it turned from a line up to cutting off straight ends, to completely losing at least an inch off my already inch and half long hair.

My hair was in the same style continuously until December, when it grew out a bit long enough for coils and faux hawks. My hair stayed in coils, faux hawks and wash and gos from December 2010-May 2011


My hair began blossoming, that Summer of 2011

                                                     My wash and go, began growing bit by bit.
                                                         I  tried my first ever twist out

Then I called myself trying to dye my hair blue, which was a fail lol!

Then as school began to arrive once again, I had enough hair for none of other than my beloved braids!
Now if you've lost track we're currently in September 2011
In December 2011-Jan.2012 I wore these box braids and I still miss them!!

My hair semi-blown out in March (2012) because I was getting the box braids yet again!

This time I added some color these braids lasted quite a while, all the way until April and I played with twist outs yet again, and then I got my first weave  early May(2012)) for prom!!

I finally removed the weave late July(2012) to find that may hair had reeeeeally grown in!
(My hair shrunk up to this length,the day after I had that big afro I was smiling, to keep from screaming)
I let my hair breathe for about a weak before I grew frustrated with shrinkage (seen above) I mean my hair finally had grew out to this length and it shrunk up almost to the length I had when I first started doing wash and gos no me gusta!
I got my braids back! For my brithday I decided it was time I finally tamed the mane and began trying to tackle the shrinkage and began my journey on perfecting the twist out, this was my hair Aug,15th I remembered specifically because I turned 18 the day after eep!

I wore my hair out and proud, until my student orientation Aug.22nd

Since school has started I've gone from braids, to twist outs, to more braids and then twist outs again and I'm not turning back because in the end, this is what I received! 

The fro of my dreams *ques sappy music* and this my friends is my hair journey and I will be better recording it in 2013. I can't believe how much I've changed in 3 years, from a rocky start in the 11th grade trying to find my proper look and learn what works for me, to confident college student who not only is aware of her proper look but rejoices in it. I always had shaky confidence when I was younger but I never realized just how much I've grown from that unsure high schooler to now, I never knew I'd grow comfortable with calling myself beautiful let alone owning and defining the term beautiful the way I want to. 
I feel so happy reflecting on how much I've changed and for the better, I'm quite proud of myself right now, and I'm happy to have shared this with you all as well until then happy holidays everyone, and keep those of Newton CT. in your hearts as you pray,this evening.


  1. you are so beautiful! love seeing your natural hair evolve so beautifully! love your confidence :)


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