Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Updated Natural Hair Regimen!

        Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my updated hair regimen and my fight against shrinkage! I have always have a wash day every 2 weeks and a protective style ever 3 months or so( out of boredom and not wanting to deal with the mane lol). My wash day goes a bit like this:

  • Put hair in 2-strand twists finger detangle for any knots
  • Pre-poo hair with conditioner and oil
  • Wash pre-poo from hair with warm water
  • Deep condition and wash deep conditioner out with cool water
  • Apply any styling product and oil and roller set hair(yep roller set my hair to stretch it at its best)
  • Use drier on warm to dry hair while in rollers 
  • Release hair from rollers and come the hair out, thus after twist hair for an epic big twist out for the next day!
  • Protein treat, the hair once a month
         My current regimen has fought shrinkage greatly, and my hair always feels amazingly soft, and looks big. Hopefully protein treating it once a month will not only strengthen it but combat the shrinkage as well. You can tell I have shrinkage issues with my hair from my word choice in this post but the major hair goals I have is: 
  1. growing an extra 3 inches of hair by the spring
  2. decreasing my hair shrinkage
  3. thicker hair 

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