Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seeing With Your Eyes Wide Open and Happy Holidays!!

  *Warning this blog post makes a lot of references to God, for that's who I believe in, and you may not which is okay in my book so feel free to skip this post.*

        I gained so much from this year that I had no idea I would. I thought going to college was going to be an awful waste of time. I didn't think I'd have any friends, I thought I'd be a loner(which I admittedly am good at) but the reality of the situation has revealed to me sooo many more lessons. I learned that getting older doesn't mean finding yourself it means to creating your self. I learned that growth although uncomfortable is such a beautiful reward in itself, it's a sign of achievement and accomplishment regardless of the odds.  I learned to really see the beauty in who I am and I developed a stronger relationship with God. 
        My attitude has grown to a more positive one, my presence is a lot more calm because I've grown in the comfort of really getting to know God. God not only has a hand in every situation but God himself is the situation, he creates each scenario, each challenge and he's rooting for you every step of the way even when you stumble he is there to catch you God wants to see us succeed, even in our mistakes there is success because for every slip up, the fact that we get back up is enough to let your heart swell proudly for yourself. The year has been an incredible one for me, my faith has grown stronger, my self-esteem and confidence in myself has blossomed even fuller, I feel like I'm seeing with new eyes, where every day is an incredible opportunity for growth and to share your inner light with someone because that's why it's there. Your inner happiness lives inside of you right along with your not so inner happiness it's all about which side of you, you feed and whatever side is the strongest is the side that will control you. Besides the lessons I gained, I gained a lot of happiness, a new way of looking at things I'd once forgotten and I met some great interesting people in the process and came out of this year in one piece.

By the way happy holidays and I'm happy to share my trial and errors with you, and hopefully inspired someone! 


  1. There's no better feeling than this, learning how to count on yourself and on Him. When you get to find happiness in all those little things in your life no matter what is going to happen i'ts going to be okay ,I actually know that feeling.

  2. it's a beautiful thing and I want to work on keeping it this way I'm so happy you found that feeling as well