Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thank God It's Thursday

         I had, the struggle of a lifetime on Wednesday, although I did get a lot of studying and papers for my exams done, an actually managed to make myself workout as well, I was exhausted. I don't know why I feel more energized on Thursday than Wednesday, the middle of the week is murder for me! I'm going to try and develop a more spirited energy and optimism for Wednesday that's the goal of the week: MAKE FRIENDS WITH WEDNESDAY! By the way check out my new boots, by Liz Claiborne below, my earrings are from Rainbow, the sweater from Dots, and black jeans from.....I can't remember.


  1. @erica thank you! and @Emmanuella thank you to!

  2. Wow, red looks great on you! Simple outfit but looks great!
    Erica xo

  3. Cute outfit, I love the boots and earrings