Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Darkest Leopard

          I have been entirely too lazy too function lately. Ever since my Christmas break has started I go to sleep late, wake up later than I'm used to and get nothing done and it's making me ill. I don't like being so lazy, I have goals to be made such as keeping up with this blog and dropping 5 more lbs. before the year is up, so since I've procrastinated like a mad woman I must now work out and blog like my life depends on it :). By the way as far as end of the year resolutions I plan on dropping the 5 lbs. like previously stated and getting my helix pierced, click here to see what I'm talking about! I'm excited, and both semi-tired but that's momentary because once I get back on my sleep schedule I won't be so tired, thankfully. My pants are the darkest leopard print pants ever and it makes me so upset you can't see the print that well in my pictures but besides the disappointingly dark pants check out my newest ear cuff and nose jewelry! I had my nose pierced when I was 16, you might notice I've got double piercings in both ears as well, I got my first ear piercings when I was a baby and my 2nd pair when I was 14. I have been obsessed with finding some black hoop nose rings( I think it makes me look edgy tee hee) and I finally got it! I got both the nose ring and ear cuff at Hot Topic whilst on a shopping trip with friends, the day before the Earth was supposed to end remember that lol?

(You can see the print much better here than in the other shots)

I know all black everything is not very Christmassy but I'm trying to get back into my all black everything mantra I once had lol!

Wearing Peplum top from Meijers, Bongo leopard print pants from Sears, and nose ring and ear cuff from Hot Topic.


  1. keep on going with you are doing, I think you have a lovely figure but I know what you mean =) Thank you for stopping by my blog =)

  2. thank you and you're very welcome! :)