Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Freshman's First Semester

       I didn't know I'd last a day let alone, an entire semester of college but here I am with nothing but As and Bs to show for it might I add :). I know it's merely a semester but it was my first semester and it wasn't a train wreck! I realized a few tips made it easier not only in my classes but it also made it seem like the semester went by a lot quicker by:

  • Schedule as early as possible
  • Get your prerequisites and any requirements out of the way
  • Keeping an assignment schedule
  • Highlight exams
  • Print the flipping syllabus you probably thought you'd never have to see another syllabus again in life think again boo!
  • Figure out what kind of class it is( an active assignment day by day, or lecture based) and how you should best study for it
  • Notebooks are your bffs
  • Keep a campus map by your side, or on your phone
  • Have a checklist of things to keep with you, so you know what to bring on what days
  • Figure out a routine route to get to your classes
  • Save that financial aid refund the struggle for books is real!!
  • Check your student email first thing every morning before heading out to class, because cancellations by the grace of God DO HAPPEN
  • Bring lunch, or keep a food journal just make sure you watch what you eat Freshman 15 is fierce
  • Make at least one buddy for each class, because if you miss a class and need notes it's extremely awkward asking a bunch of people who's names you either, don't know or don't remember (I made a note of this because honestly I'm an introvert a happy introvert at that, I have to remind myself to socialize)
  • Go to sleep(this is seemingly hard for students who stay on campus, which I'll be doing next semester but trust me when I say I have a dire love of sleep nothing is going to stand in my way lol)
  • You're going to make mistakes and that's completely OK  you're in a brand new world with new rules and freedom, mistakes will happen it's apart of life so don't be so hard on your self, you will live to see another day.
     These are just a few things that I learned my first semester of college and they worked quite well for me, leave your own tips in the comments and hopefully I helped a fellow freshman like myself!

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