Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Nights and Neon


        One way, to stand among the snow bunnies is...NEON. You would think something like neon, would be hibernating in the winter, but its presence is still very here and alive! I love neon I currently own 2 neon green cardigans...they're different in their own ways but still I obviously have a favorite out of the neon family. So, I obviously prefer looking like a glow worm, allow me to show you why and how you to can participate in neon trend!
   If you're not entirely comfortable with imitating a sexy glow worm, I suggest you try neon on your nails! Neon nails gives that pop of color, that makes you look fun in any outfit. Neon speaks volumes so it's perfectly fine to wear it in small amounts from your nails, to a bright lipstick, or eye shadow and even on your bag, like the notorious neon messenger bag that was hot this year!

neon nails

If you're like me, and enjoy shining bright like a diamond(bad Rihanna song reference), deck yourself out in some bright neon sweaters and simple jeans like below!

simple sweaters

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  1. i loooooooove neon lol idk why but i just do!!i just bought a neon yellow jacket last week!!check it out on my blog!