Friday, January 18, 2013

Cinematic Inspiration Part 2

  Hey guys, I'm back with a little more inspiration with this Nancy Downs inspired look below!

Nancy Downs

      I considered adding tights, to the look but knowing Nancy she'd wear none or rip them anyway. I feel like a modern day Nancy Downs would practically be a top tier fashion blogger by now with how popular 90s grunge has become, but Nancy embodied that grunge whether in style or not. There's something so beautiful and exciting about black and all the different details, with the spikes and cross bracelet I love it!


      It's time to get a bit clueless! I wanted to bring Clueless to 2013 with a peachy blazer, high waist-ed jeans and of course the beret( someone, somewhere was always wearing some kind of hat on the movie). Clueless embodied that girly preppy look which is why I needed a great collar shirt, like the Peter Pan collar to go with the look and a pair of round toe ballet flats, for massive shopping sprees.

Queen Vamp

        Last but not least The Lost Boys! This post may come off a lot like the Nancy Downs polyvore is! I can't stop my enchantment with the dark clothing it's something about how easy it is to play with blacks and textures and choose the right accessory to make it pop! I added the ear cuff because ear cuffs originated in the 80s and you would see plenty if you watched Lost Boys. I initially started off this look with Star the female lead in mind and then I decided I preferred the lead vampire David  portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland, I wanted to take his look and merely make it feminine hence the body con dress which was also made a classic in the 80s. 


  1. love that dark lipstick from the first collage!.. x

  2. Ooh love all these outfits, very cool

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few
    minutes spare :)



  3. I love both the 1st & 2nd!


  4. 2nd outfit is more me I love it.