Monday, January 21, 2013

Deciding My Major

          Monday, I change my major from Journalism to English and I'm nervous. I'm constantly questioning if I'm making the proper decision on everything and this is one of those huge things and I don't want to constantly switch my major all over the place. Journalism sounds interesting, it sounds glamorous, it sounds like you travel a lot and meet new people, it sounds like an interesting career and although it is indeed a lot of those things, that doesn't mean I can't have any of that being an English major. So many of my family members know I started off school with a journalism major and I remember who they looked and would sound when they ask "what are you going to school for" "journalism", oohs and aahs thus after but when I say I want to major in English the reaction is different and it makes me nervous if I'm making the right choice.
             English has always been something that came natural to me, I love reading,deciphering, finding meaning to words, creating short stories,poems, anecdotes and writing journal passages like this.Words excite me, I have found a home for myself in the world of literary text, I love critical thinking. English, although it feels good to me doesn't sound glamorous, it doesn't perk anyone's interest but I have to do what feels right for me regardless of the preconceived notion that English is boring. The thing is about English, is that everything we write I feel is reflective. You can write something down and it can reflect your state of mind without directly stating it bluntly. English is this subtle expression, it allows you tell people what's on your mind,where you come from, where you want to go, why if you're willing to look deep enough into the text you're creating. English is this form of expression that can have the most impact with simply words. Words don't cost anymore, you can't mess up a word unless you spell it wrong and correcting yourself is easy, words it's all in the words and the way it's structured. I can create a work of art, that could express the underlying stories in my chest with merely words and that's where my passion for English strives, it grows deep within my chest in my spirit, I can't let something like that go for something that sounds good and I'm good at it,I'm good at styling that doesn't make me a fashion designer.
     I must grow confident in my decisions it's all apart of becoming an adult, and not only do I accept my decision because it's what feels natural to me I also acknowledge that a degree does not map out your future. A degree does not control the next big thing that happens in your life God does. God is the one who ultimately has the last say and if there's a path he wants you to take listen to him, and you will take it. I may receive a degree in English and turn around and become a journalist anyway, or I get a degree in journalism and become a singer! Majors do not dictate your life, nor do the reactions and feelings of others your life is a matter between you, your inner peace and God so do what feels right, listen to him and do what he asks of you and you will find yourself in the place that was made for you, specifically for you.

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