Friday, January 4, 2013

My Favorite Instagrams!



        Instagram is one of my newest addictions and quite frankly I'm okay with it. The reason I'm such a fan of Instagram is that it helps you keep up with some of your fave, vloggers or bloggers and I simply like taking pictures. My top 10 favorite fashion blogger Instagram pages of the moment have to be:

1. annabarry, Tatianna Barry is the fashion blogger of and I love her style and fashion blog. Tatianna posts blog updates, pictures of her recent buys, and I'm obsessed with the way she gets her nails done. If you're looking fora girly more style oriented Instagram then annabarry is the one for you.

2. Olivia Noell Olivia Noell of is a personal style blogger, who posts frequent outfit of the days, and previews of her outfits on her Instagram, as well as her fabulous natural hair.

3.Shannon Beer of Rise and Shop posts various outfit of the days as well, but her pictures like to play close attention to detail just like her actual style. Her looks tend to be classic and feminine.

4.  Emannuella of Nuella Source has an awesome Instagram page from nails, her outfit of the days, updates, Yes, Nuella likes to post her food so be aware that her Instagram although stylish may provoke hunger.

5. The Platform, is a YouTube channel composed of Amy Pham, AndreasChoice and Makeup By Camila where Amy Pham talks style, AndreasChoice is a lot advice and Makeup By Camila is about gorgeous makeup. I love the channel because they all seem to actually enjoy what they're doing and have good energy. Their Instagram  gives a behind the scene look at the channel, for a closer look into certain style videos to candid shots of them all.

6.Amanda Dube  is a YoutTuber who's all sorts of things. She posts videos of her comedic genius, her makeup tutorials, style outfits and a lot more. I love Amandadubehere because she seems so real, down to Earth and funny, her instagram is her makeup, and some of the makeup work she's done on other people because she's currently a makeup student and aspiring makeup artist!

7. Bunny runs the YouTube Channel, Grav3YardGirl that's full of edgy, grunge style that I adore(I seriously flailed at her Betsey Johnson Jewelry Collection video).

Now for the last 3 of my favorite  Instagram Pages I'd like to share with you 3 of my favorite Brands Instagram pages that includes:
Nasty Gal as if I need to explain to you, what Nasty Gal is, Nasty Gal is all of everything. Nasty Gal is a clothing store that was designed by angels with a lot of unique edgy, nostalgic pieces thee end.
Lulu's is already my obsession so I stalk their Instagram like a mad woman so I may be biased. If you're looking for some awesome accessories or perhaps a dress Lulu's is the place to be and their Instagram gives all kinds of insight into their merchandise.
WetnWild, is a makeup beginners best friend and so is their Instagram page. I love checking out the page seeing any new products and it's helpful when you're at the store you need a little reminder don't walk off with everything and can remember just what you originally set out to get.

   Well there you have it guys, these are 10 of my favorite Instagram pages, you can click on the names in the beginning of each Instagram introduction and be instantly linked to their Instagram above, leave your own favorite Instagram pages or perhaps leave your username and I'll be sure to check it out by the way feel free to swing by my page!

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  1. Yay I'm on the list! I feel so flattered thanks I'm glad to read that :)