Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Inner Penny Pincher

        I typed out this post practically 3 times, trying to figure out how do I convey my emotions, and what's going through my head properly.  I realized the reason behind that act of revision isn't done for your sake as readers(although I do think of you) it was done because I couldn't let myself set here and think the things I was thinking and feel the way I was feeling. When I first began this post I was going to rant about a lack of finances, and how stressed out I am about said lack of funds and I was going to complain about my lack of job,  lack of license, and lack of gas money but how dare I? I let myself indulge in all the things I don't currently have and let overshadow the things I do such as :
A working laptop
Pencils and paper
 My permit
One of my books for one of my classes
 I only have to drive to school about 3 times a week
My winter term ends April 30th
A working phone
A strong heart
A voice
A strong immune system
My family's support
God's support and protection
     The list above is much larger than the list of things I don't have, and the craziest thing is I know things are going to work out, so why even sit here and trouble myself, why let a lump grow in my throat even though a few days from now my financial worries could be very well cleared up. I've done all I can, I've made all the effort that can be made and I'm currently on my way to doing even more because I'm blessed enough to be in the position to do more! My inner penny pinching, worry wart self hasn't even taken time to acknowledge that my schedule is kind of awesome and I'm actually interested in at least 3 of my classes! I sat right in this spot, on the verge of struggling to type because I was letting my worrying get to me, but how dare a child of God worry, who am I to question his methods, he has a plan I've done what I can and he's going to carry me through and I need to live within that fact. I need to let God's promises and protection embrace me, because worrying is merely fighting his grip and all he wants to do is hug me, and point me in the direction he created for me.

(sweater Kohl's, earrings Claire's, nose ring Hot Topic, lipstick Vamp It Up by Wet n Wild)


  1. thank you and it's so true, I get really moody and kind of sad towards the winter almost like a condition but I have to sit down and write about all what I do have to stop thinking about what I don't to lift my mood

  2. I couldn't agree more with what you said, even though it's hard to let go of our worries that's what we're supposed to do as child of God. I really like this oufit, blue and green is one of my favorite color block combo.