Tuesday, January 22, 2013



        I've never been popular. Popularity had eluded me since the beginning of time. I've had my select group of friends in school like I've always had and that was that. Popularity doesn't seem like the hardest thing to grasp though, and when I say popularity I mean "POPULARITY", that really stereotypical in crowd popularity, because believe it or not there are popular people who became popular by simply being themselves and *insert gasp*  people simply flocked to them thus after. To be "POPULAR" and in a hurry you've got to define what is the current trendy thing and do that immediately. I've followed some trends and then some trends I didn't because I didn't like them, therefore eliminating myself from the popularity pool. In school the popular thing was to have fairly medium to long hair, preferably straight that's what all the boys liked and wanted. I cut my hair my sophomore year of school because I wanted to try something new, and then took a step forward and cut my hair all the way down my junior year because I decided I wanted to grow out my natural hair *insert screams of distaste*.
         I'm aware of what the popular things were to do, what you should wear, who you should talk to, who you should associate yourself with it's all really easy to do, but I didn't do it. I let myself pick out things I was naturally drawn to, I let myself wear things I naturally liked, I associated and made friends with people where the chemistry was natural and naturally found myself comfortable, but unpopular. I know these long wordy posts are not popular a lot of people in the blogosphere want pictures not wordy text posts, but I still do them.
             Wordy text posts are what I'm good at, and yes sometimes I'll post some kind of picture to at least capture someone's eye and then perhaps by the grace of God it gets read, and someone finds themselves nodding along with what I type and actually relating to it, which is one of things I want this blog to do. Being yourself and doing what comes natural to you, is simply that but being popular takes a bit more energy and research. Popularity is not a natural thing, it's a thing of statistics and being observant if you notice all the top tier bloggers are all wearing the same shoes from the same store, then you can conclude that getting those same shoes from the same store will create keywords in your blog post driving viewers right, but that's not what I'm here for. My blog is organic, the posts are chock full of me, old me, new me, and the me I hope to become. You're probably thinking "what makes you interesting though, what's your gimmick?", what makes me interesting is my originality, my gimmick is my knack for being who God made me to be 100% of the time and being able to articulate that to an audience and perhaps actually relate to those readers.
          The readers and writers, singers, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, and life style bloggers who find themselves warring over whether to follow the crowd or to be themselves allow me to remind you that those popular blogs started with one person who was simply trying to be themselves and then someone else liked it and followed suit. Someone has to be a leader why not you! Don't deny the beauty of your originality in the pursuit of popularity what's the point of having a million views but none of the content on your blog is your own?  Trends come from trend setters, set the trend don't follow it, and no one is telling you to not follow trends because I do, but I do them in my own way. I try trends in  the way I like to, not the way everyone else might like it. Be who you are, do what you love, and the rest will follow.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post full of deep and powerful words! You're right at so many points that you deserve a standing ovation! I've never been popular neither and even though there was a time in high school where I wanted to be like those popular girls, I've always been okay with the fact of not being popular well at least for some of the reasons you've listed. While growing up I understood the meaning of being oneself and how important it is to not just follow the crowd but to do what makes you happy and what makes you "you"... and I'm still learning. Great post!

  2. you preach it sistah! loved this post :) your hair is awesome and ive always gone by the motto not to care what other people think too because at the end of the day you are you and nothing else matters as long as you are happy with how you perceive yourself! I think its hardest to do at high school though because people are so judgmental and thats why sometimes uniform can be good. but those peeps judging are just insecure most likely! and wordy posts rock btw x