Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spiritual Style Lover


            I was trying to discover how to brand myself in this blogging world and I still don't know how but I'm not all that upset about it though. I've  flocked to so many blogs all discussing the topic of branding yourself, I've looked to other blogs for inspiration but nothing fit right for me at all. I had no niche, what is making me stand out at least slightly from the rest. I tried playing with different facets of my style. As you all know when I was much younger I had a semi-small goth stage and I considered bringing that to the blog and although I still love some goth culture that's not what I'm all about and people can spot posers from miles away. If I couldn't be the Goth black girl who could I be, the stylish struggling college student, the fashion blogger/YouTube singer/ and a bunch of other ideas that I considered but never added to the blog (THANK GOD) because purposely creating an image just felt so forced and unnatural I hated it! The unnatural feeling is because frankly, my trying to go down the route the same way other bloggers has simply isn't going to work for me, because everyone is supposed to find their own place in their own way.
           Recently I watched a video by The Bronze Goddess01 on YouTube and if you're familiar with her, 9/10 you're walking away from one of her videos with an epiphany hence this post.The Bronze Goddess is a lot of different things, she talks beauty,fashion and is a motivator like no other. The Bronze Goddess has a series called The Dream Series where she gives her testimony towards dreaming, and staying motivated, and what God has shown and done for her. I recently was touched by something she said in her Dream Series Part 2 she stated, "God does not re-heat blessings". God has a specific plan for you and only you, which is something I had never acknowledged before. I remember doing blog posts and feeling conflicted "why am I doing this", "where do I fit in" "why does my opinion matter" but suddenly I began finding my voice especially when I read the Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I began sharing my Positive Challenge with you. Slowly but surely I've come into my own as a blogger. Perhaps my brand of blogger is a spiritual/style blogger because I love talking about my style and I love talking about spirituality perhaps that's what I am, and if it's not then may God help me find what I am to be as far as a blogger. I'm going to continue to blog about myself and God because it comes natural to me, and I don't feel like I'm pushing myself into a cookie cutter shape.  I've created this post to not only share with you that I too still  have some slight struggle finding my voice as a blogger and also to notify you that the posts about God aren't going anywhere any time soon,  sorry/ Feel free to look at other posts if you don't exactly identify with my spirituality I don't want to push anything onto anyone but I will not push my passion in a corner either, until then guys toodles!

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