Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Question Is..Is Your Lip Gloss....Indeed Popping

          Hey guys! I want to discuss makeup! I've recently indulged in various lipsticks, and eye makeup and have rarely gone back to what used to be my good old safe haven...lip gloss. My interest in lip gloss and lip stains comes from ItsMyRayeRaye's YouTube videos where she swears up and down that we have been sleeping on the lip stain and quite frankly I'm believing her. Lips stains and lip gloss stick a lot more than lip stick although lipstick can be more matte at least some, but lipstick tends to go on smooth,soft and moisturizing which is great but it can also end up on your teeth( oh the horror). I've been wearing lipstick like a mad woman in 2012:

I'm interested in another look for 2013 especially for when the weather begins to heat up again. In the warm weather, I love bronzers and highlighters I like the idea of leaving the house in the summer with a nice glow. Besides my excitement fo bronzers I want to try out lip glosses and lip stains again!


     I want some awesome lip stains and glosses to give me some color and shine to add with the glowy look of bronzer, and then I can bring back an extreme cat eye like last Summer! I can't believe I was a makeup virgin in 2011 and yes I do still leave the house bare faced a lot but I really have developed a love for this!

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