Wednesday, January 30, 2013


                I have been thinking, a lot lately and I need to chill out to be frank with you. I have been thinking about none other than transportation and money,(bad blogger bad!).  Being a Christian, and trying to skill myself in being optimistic makes me feel bad for worrying about such simple things but it doesn't stop me either.  Coming to my blog I like to inspire but I'm not going to deny the troubles in my heart just like you can't either. Qualities I wish to obtain are motivational, inspirational and helping others get happy but how can I preach to my readers the joy of switching the bad energy when I struggle with it myself. Switching the bad energy when you're in a slump can be difficult, but I sit down, I write out my feelings, I write down why I feel the way I do, where is it coming from and what can I do to distract myself from it. We're all human and things are going to get to us it's about what we do, when those things invade our minds how do we fend it off and keep it from taking over.

             I go to God and speak frankly with him, ask a few questions, talk to him about the situation(although he knows it better than I do anyway) and I eventually tell him "God I surrender this pain to you, I've done all I can and I'm letting it go and I'm giving it to you" after a while I don't feel as awful. After conversing with him I actually start to feel like either my anger, or pain is being soothed, and I always let him know I'm grateful for that. 
        You may not believe in God, so I'll tell you this, write down everything you can do about a trouble you've been plagued with and be realistic about what you can do. Sometimes people go out of their way to do all they can and then make matters worse, so after you acknowledge what's left to be done and then you realize there's nothing left then that's it. You've put in all the effort it's time to let the universe acknowledge the energy you've put out there and let nature take its course, and think positively on it afterward don't negatively dwell on it no one wins that way. You have to acknowledge the universe will show up and work in your favor if you believe it will, but if you believe it won't then it simply won't. Our energy is a powerful thing, because before I acknowledged God's love I believed everything was against me all the time, and in turn a lot things were. After realizing this ditch digging formula I had created I wonder what would happen if I believed that the good will outweigh the bad? What would happen if I took the time to realize that good things can happen to me, if I believed that tomorrow will be better? I was feeding the ugliness and starving the beauty that life would of liked me to see. You've got two directions to let your thoughts flow, take control of your mind and send those thoughts in a positive way, a way in which things work out in your favor. I am not saying that life will magically change in a day but it is about your perception and I can't dictate whether it will change magically in a day or not but you have to let yourself see the magic in your life it's there you're just ignoring it. 
               Instead of my focusing on a lack of a car, and a lack of money I can focus on the fact I have a home with heat, a family that has my back, clothes on my back, food in my belly and an entire future ahead of me filled with millions of awesome possibilities. I believe in a God that will never leave my side and just like that I don't have the urge to bawl and cry anymore.

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