Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jesus Freak

            A Christian has no specific look, whatsoever. Some Christians look one way, some Christians look another as a matter of fact the only thing that all Christians for sure have in common, is their faith in Christ. I am a Christian but I will not slap you with a bible, hiss at you every time you swear, and I do not dislike the LGBTQ community, I pray for everybody regardless of background because it's not up to us to judge it's up to I'll let you guess....oh yeah Christ! I do not partake in acts of subtle shame, I'm not a conservative I'm not a stick in the mud either(although I can be socially selective but that has nothing to do with my religion nor my spirituality).
    The point of this post is because, the moment I introduced talking about my spirituality I was afraid putting off my readers, making my readers feel alienated but that's not my mission. My mission is to express myself, and share with you and in the process of doing so God gets brought up sometimes, because  I'm a Christian and I believe all I do is through (you guessed it) God, so he's going to be in the mix from time to time. People always have this skewed image with a label over it, labels are for inanimate objects like boxes, I don't reside in a box I couldn't even if I wanted to my personality is to big for cardboard barriers, just like your own. I make mistakes, Christianity isn't about not being flawed it's about acknowledging those flaws and looking to God to help you reach the potential your potential, God is forgiving because he's aware that we're going to make mistakes way before we do.
     Being a Christian isn't about looking down your nose, it's about  looking up to God, and it's not about shoving your religion down someone's throat, it's merely sharing with them some of the lessons God has taught you, but I will never force the things I've learned on someone else but if you're open to them, then you will receive them.
  By the way I'll be sharing a youtube video with you guys tomorrow!

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