Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yesterday I Cried

           I sobbed, like a little girl about one solid email from my school. I let one email shake me, I let it break my heart and the flood gates opened up. I screamed in frustration, disappointment and in pain at the fact that I am being charged for a dorm I have never seen, and if I don't pay the balance I will not be able to continue my education. I've been praying and putting forth so much effort but I couldn't be more hurt and frustrated by  this difficulty that seems so simple but apparently isn't.
   Crying is apart of my healing process, sometimes you break down and scream and cry and let the flood gates open up so you can let God's love back in. I cried and cried and suddenly I felt like I was releasing the stress and anger and surrendering myself to God. I cried until I was weak and suddenly felt so much better after. I want this blog to be a source of inspiration, but I can't motivate and inspire others if I can't do it for myself and oddly enough in my weakness I still managed to open my mouth and say "I'm letting this go and I'm letting God handle it". My faith has been tested and I think I got a rough B+  today because although I sobbed, I cried to God. I didn't deny his strength I cried out for it and he put that strength inside of my and I carried on. I will look back at this and laugh some day just like I look back at my previous stresses and laugh. A video by the Bronze Goddess really spoke to me and I want to share with you:

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