Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deejay Spots Style

     Today's style was spotted walking on campus, clad in plaid! Allow me to introduce Kayla, our fashionista. I adored her coat from the print and the structure of the coat itself. In Michigan we're all about looking cute and keeping warm to fight off the Winter blues and Kayla definitely embodies that notion! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writing With a Heavy Heart

          I like to think that someday, I'll look back on this very difficult time in my life from a better position. I like to think I'll look back on those moments where I cried and worried myself sick with the shaking of my head and acknowledging that I actually learned something from the pain. I wait for the day I can tell someone of my testimony, I wait for the day I can tell everyone how God really pulled through for me and I came out much happier and successful than I would of been otherwise. I don't know why I'm in the current phase I am, perhaps I'm struggling because God knows I can handle it, but just because I can does that mean I should have to? Perhaps God is trying to test my endurance, perhaps tomorrow everything will get better, but it's not up for me to know.
        There's a quote from an undefined source( as a lot of FB quotes are), that says something along the lines of, teachers don't talk during tests, God's silence is a sign that this is a test. I think God is testing if I have blind faith, but then again that might not be it at all. My job isn't to figure out why the things that are happening to me are happening to me, my job is to keep believing in him, in the face of it all. It's not up to me to figure out whys and hows, my job is merely handle it and keep praying,praising and staying faithful.In the mean time, I found a Christian blog that actually made feel a lot better about a lot of things, called Off The Cuff Christian it's lovely, informative and helps clear things up for you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deejay Spots Style


      Allow me to introduce Sarah! I was immediately drawn to the soft color combination of her outfit and that glamorous bow! I had a bow addiction back in the day so you know it flared up again when I saw her look. Sarah look comfortable, cute and confident and ready for class she's the perfect example of maintaining style while on campus.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spoken Word...Again!

Hey guys, I did another spoken word video, it really was just off the top of my head!I'm really loving doing these videos, it makes me feel better like I've expressed myself in one way or another! I'm prepped to do another one tomorrow, I don't understand it but these things actually make my day.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Deejay's Sunday Style List


This week's style looks to check out start with Brittany of Brilliance of B blog! Brittany is wearing a bright blue blazer to add some fun to this lovely sophisticated look. The looks is tailored perfectly to her silhouette, Brittany exudes strength in this look! You can get a similar blazer from Shop Bop and be sure to check out





I loved Monroe Steele's recent OOTD, featuring this feather skirt from Asos that I've been obsessing over in my subconscious! I like how she paired the casual denim top with a not so casual skirt, upping the flair of the entire look. The idea of pairing considerably different pieces to compliment the elements in both is definitely displayed here! See more of the look by clicking this link and be sure to check out her blog




 Meet Sonum of The Urban Fashion Gal, she is fiercely posing in this dress from The gold collar of the dress really sets of the color, and the fit exudes a classy femininity, for more of her awesome looks be sure to check out her blog, or click the picture for more.

  I recently discovered, Bernice-Adjoa's blog Thy Bliss Calls, I'm loving a lot of her looks, this one in particular. The coat has an androgynous feel but everything else is very feminine, that's grown to be a very classic look. The print and color of the skirt is everything, might I add my love affair of peplum is also taking spotlight in this look! Feel free to click the picture or click here to see the full shoot.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Get it Together

    Hey guys, I think I'm really starting to develop a blog post regimen, one post a day Monday-Friday and Sunday sounds good to me, and with the new recent additions such as Deejay Spots Style, and Deejay's Sunday Style List I'm really happy with where the blog is going!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deejay Spots Style!


      Today, I'm introducing Sienna a fellow classmate of mine I spotted in my English class. I immediately liked the color of her pants and how she coordinated with her top. Of course she layered appropriately with a scarf(Winter is not to be trifled with in the north).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Have Something to Say

                 Hey guys, recently I became immersed in Shameless Maya's videos, she talks about her 365 days of self promotion, the techniques she uses, and how it's made her come out of her shell. Maya's vlogs hit home for me, because I will self promote the posts and videos that I make but can't deny it makes me uncomfortable. I always feel, like right after posting I can hear someone go "ugh here she is again" lol, I don't think I spam my links but I can't deny promoting yourself is an awkward thing when you think about it. I begin questioning "what do I do, that makes it all worthy of sharing", and when I ask myself this question it makes me want to do more. I want to build some credibility behind my work I just haven't been presented with the opportunity to do so yet, but when I do I feel like it'll make me feel better. Being a blogger, is just like being anyone else just taking the step forward to share your opinion in your own way with everyone. Instead of discussing at the water cooler these thoughts,rants, and information are given on the blog.
              I'm not some fashion executive at Vogue, and I'm not Shakespeare but I can't deny I've got a love for style and writing.I'm not a professional motivational speaker but I still love to motivate others and share something inspiring with my readers. I'm not, technically a degree holding journalist, but I've got a gift for gab and have done interviews before, so I guess this post is really about proving myself worthy in a way. I feel as though I'm constantly in this struggle between sharing and defining whether or not what I have to share is worthy, which is why I'll go one hiatuses and question if what I'm doing is a waste of time.
            I love to blog, but am I just another url, another meaningless voice in the cyber world? I'm constantly trying to figure out what makes me different, so I found a niche: style and spirituality. My niche is both style and spirituality but I'm not a fashion guru nor am I a priest but even in the name of the things I'm not, I can still tell you what I am. I am a student, an African American female, I am intelligent, I am blessed, I am loved, and I have something to say.I may not have the professional background but there are people with professional credentials and sometimes they don't even know what they're talking about, a lot of these "facts" are all relative, and flexible and subject to change because that's human behavior.So instead of questioning myself constantly I'm going to keep believing in my own hype, and that's all I had to say.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Deejay Spots Style

         Hey guys, today on campus instead of seeking out  style, it kind of walked up and sat next to me today. I want to introduce Natalie my great friend and her great outfit. Today was a miserable,rainy/windy/snowy day and yet here she is still putting forth that bit of effort in the name of cuteness *insert round of applause*. Natalie opted for light wash jeans, brown midi length boots, a sheer blue shirt and a smile!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The First of Many

Hey guys! I just did my first ever spoken word video and I loved doing it! I think I'll get a lot better though, this is just the beginning. I think I'm going to make the spoken word videos a regular thing, like a spoken word video each Monday, I'm really liking that idea! Check out my video below, I know I'm looking down quite a bit but just hear me out lol. I hope you all have a fabulous day toodles!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Deejay's Sunday Style List

  This week's Sunday Style List consists of some awesome bloggers like:

       Amanda the fashion blogger of  Done n Done her look caught my eye immediately. Check out the fierceness she's giving off in this outfit! I love how the outfit is powerful and feminine, the structure is polished and the look is well done altogether. You can see more of her looks by clicking the title of her blog in the link above, or clicking the outfit, to see more details.

Another strong and feminine look was recently done by Shannon of Rise and Shop. Shannon's look features a great dress, with a baby doll shape with velvet details. I really loved her look, not only because of the cute dress but how she layered it with faux fur, it gave it a vintage old Hollywood feel I love. Feel free to click the title of her blog above to see her blog and check out the OOTD in further detail by clicking the outfit.


Medge of My Voguish Diaries rocks a pair of printed pants I've had an obsession over for quite sometime. The outfit features the infamous snake print pants, and she style the rest of the look casually and layers up because of the cold. I love seeing bloggers who can still look fashionable even when it's freezing, feel free to check out her blog by clicking the blog link above, or clicking the outfit for further details.

         Now For Some Style Vloggers!!
   I present to you, Shameless Maya! Shameless Maya is a YouTube vlogger who set out to shamelessly self promote herself which is much appreciate because she's had some awesome stuff to share with us such as her Rockabilly Valentine's Day Video! I love her energy and she explains this tutorial very clearly and makes it seem easy to do, what's not to love! Check out more of her videos by clicking the link above or clicking the video!


      A favorite YouTuber of mine is Amanda Dube of Amanda Dubehere and her Stay Classy OOTD.
Amanda's videos are so casual and fun, it's practically like talking to do your best friend while she gives you style advice! Feel free to check out her channel, by clicking the link above or checking out the video below!

     A YouTube Channel, that I can honestly say sparked my interest in makeup is Destiny Godley! Destiny Godley, is a vlogger who also does makeup tutorials, style tutorials and OOTDs. Her recent Valentine's outfit of the day was a real hit with me. I love how she freely plays with color in this look. Check out her YouTube Channel in the link above and be sure to watch the video.

     The young woman in the next video is It'sMyRayeRaye! She does various makeup videos, and OOTD videos she's just really starting out on YouTube but she's doing big things and her personality and style is such an addictive thing no wonder she's gained so much popularity so soon! I personally love this outfit, hair,makeup and I love the way it was filmed and edited. The video itself has inspired me to get more creative with my videos and photos! Click her username above to see more of her videos and check out the video below!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Deejay Spots Style

Style has been spotted yet again on campus!  Meet Sisan this lovely young woman's look is all about functionality and  detail. The scarf being both nic, and warm keeps you protected from the cold and still maintaining that personal style, notice how she adds the necklace below to add an extra touch to her look! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

     Happy Valentine's Day I hope everyone enjoys this Hallmark holiday and gets as much chocolate as possible lol! Seriously guys, Valentine's Day is the day to indulge in chocolate and wear as much pink and red as you please! Let out your inner cheesiness and have a ball!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prints and Blazers

      Hey guys this is an outfit of the day from earlier in the week I've been wanting to share with you! The pants are from Dots as well as the cowl neck shirt and the blazer is from Sears. I look like I could of popped out of a Tim Burton film with all the black and then dark lipstick, and then the whites of my eyes taking the spotlight. I really love black right now, everything I've worn with a specific choice in mind has been black lately, there's something about the details that could be added to black to make it either feminine and classy, or modern and edgy, black is just my go to!

Get Ready

         I've been thinking a lot about blessings. God will bless you when the time is perfectly set specifically for you, you might think you need this or that tomorrow but that's what you think, God specifically knows when you need whatever it is you're in need of having. I'm in need of a car, a license, and financial stability I think I need a miracle tomorrow but God knows when to bless me, his timing is always right because he knows the situation better than I do, because it's his job to know it.
    Sometimes I sit and imagine the day people really take a liking to this blog. I imagine the day this blog grows into something much bigger than what it is, I imagine the day I actually can afford to copyright this baby of mine. God will act on making things you want to happen when he feels like you're ready for them, and I think I'm ready but there it is- that word "think." I can't take my own opinion, over the way of God, his way is the only way if I protest to him my opinion all I'm doing is struggling against his will and I know that pain all too well.

Talking About Me, Myself and My Blog


        Hey guys! As you know I have a Tumblr where the craziness gets served up on a silver platter!  Many of you may not know Tumblr   is a blogging platform where you can reblog certain posts, and create your own as well. Reblogging Tumblr posts is an easy addictive kind of thing and whilst reblogging other content you can forget that this blog is supposed to have well "you" on it. I created a mission statement on my blog detailing who I am, why and as a reminder that I'm supposed to talk about me, myself and my blog on the Tumblr.
        I wanted to reflect on why it can get difficult on Tumblr to talk about yourself. Tumblr gives all of this content dripping on your finger tips ready to be reblogged, from your favorite singing artists(guilty here if you look at my archive Beyonce is running through it like she runs the world) to your favorite fashion bloggers, you can reblog what you relate to, what inspires you, what you love, so why is it difficult to create original content centered around myself.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deejay Spots Style!

        Hey guys! I want to introduce to you a new segment on the blog called Deejay Spots Style! The first feature today for Deejay Spots Style is Ms. Atavia Jones.I caught Atavia on her way to class and instinctively noticed her earrings and scarf.
     I love her look it's comfy,casual and cute. One thing I really like about this look is the print on her cardigan.Little touches like that always give you an insight to someone's personal style, and pay attention to the way she layers, Michigan winters call for creativity which she definitely has!

Life Does This Thing

        Hey guys! I don't know if I touched on this but recently my entire education was in jeopardy, but that's over now. God, really is the God of "and suddenly", he moves quickly when he feels it's the right time. Everyone has seasons and I'm currently in what feels like a drought, but my season is coming and sooner or later it's going to rain all of my desires and declarations.The challenges will soon come to pass. Before I accepted God back into my heart when facing droughts I was unaware that it would soon rain. I was the kind of person to believe that a drought is merely going to last forever and I'm eternally screwed, but I realize that those thoughts were untrue and illogical.
   It's an amazing feeling, feeling like I don't always need to know all of the information all of the time because that's God's job. I feel like through this struggle I've learned multiple things such as:

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Wasn't Going To Blog About The Grammys

   I was going to skip giving a review of the Grammy fashion this year, in fact I was going to skip watching the Grammys altogether because I wasn't that interested and The Walking Dead premiered that but I saw some dresses on the red carpet that need to be addressed.

Kelly Rowland absolutely stunned last night, I remember catching those few split seconds when she first was hitting the carpet and then the grand reveal! My jaw dropped, her figure is my current fitness inspiration and this dress ugh, I could faint it's perfection on her! The dress is by Georges Chakra. 

My runner up has to be Katy Perry, her figure is ridiculous, the color is currently my favorite, and her hair inspired my interest in wigs.The dress is by Gucci.

My 3rd choice is Rihanna! Although, I prefer Rihanna with short hair I did enjoy seeing this hairstyle it played homage to Pon De Replay Rihanna not to mention how gorgeous her dress was! That shade of red on her skin is simply beautiful she truly stunned me, I feellike this was a softer side to her style we haven't seen in a while.Her dress is Azzedine Ala├»a.

These are my top 3 picks of the Grammys that I just couldn't contain my love for smooches!

The Purple Army


        Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my personal favorite purple lipsticks! All of the following lipsticks are extremely affordable and can be found at drug stores and beauty supply stores. I still consider myself a makeup virgin so I'm not buying the top notch make up yet until I really know what I'm doing which is why most of these lipsticks range from about 4 dollars to 1 dollar in total.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Deejay's Sunday Style List

       Hey guys, I wanted to create this new segment for the blog, to share with you some of my favorite personal style bloggers of the week starting off with:

  1. Diane from Dee-vine Anonyme and her Bart Simpson sweater that has been surfacing left and right lately in the fashion blog world. I love the Bart Simpson sweater, and how she styled it with a great, chunky cross necklace the entire look is pieced together in an effortless way, I could see myself personally doing. See the look for your self click here.
  2. Hannah of Daisies and Doc Martens  wears a great monochromatic black and white dress with a perfect silhouette. The dress reminds me of a look I wanted to achieve in the Summer but seemingly slipped away from me, check it out, click here .
  3. Nadia Aboulhosn wins three awards from today 1. The Successfully Pulls of Crushed Velvet Award 2. The Haircut Award and 3. The Lipstick Award in this crushed, deep purple dress she's wearing. She looks incredible even though I can imagine how freezing it must be outside! Nadia's on my winning team find out if she's on your's, click here 
  4. Mika of My Designer Dreams  sported some amazing accessories in her latest outfit of the day, one in particular is the necklace but you'll have to see it for yourself, click here 
  5. Emmanuella of Nuella Source recently did an all black outfit with some great details, and you guys know how I love black outfits with those popping accents so it's definitely worth taking a peek at, click here .
  6. Karla of Karla's Closet did a nude and bright red combo over on her blog with a jean jacket that oozes 90s appeal check it out, click here.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Question: Do You Have Facebook?

     Hey guys! I've got a question for you all do you still have a Facebook Page? I made a fan Facebook page for my blog and would like to start posting things there, but before I go adding this to my blog schedule I'd like to hear from you. I'm aware that Facebook popularity has indeed dwindled so should I give the Facebook Fan page a try, and if I do what would you guys like to see on it, I have a few ideas for for the page but it all depends:
Are You On Facebook? free polls 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blazers Are Not Boring

    Today I decided to whip out a few of my favorite things, in fact all of my favorite things! Lightening bolt earrings are from my local BSS, both the blazer and Avengers tee are from Sears and the trouser jeans are so old I can't remember. Superheroes, lightening, blazers and comfy jeans I was excited to get dressed today! What are a few of your favorite things to apply to an outfit, list in a comment below!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Letter To Myself

 Dear, Me

         I will not stand around and let you degrade all of my work, all of my success, and drag it through the mud. My project is growing in it's own way, in it's own time because it has its own path to take, so stop comparing it to others. I am proud of what I've created, and I'm standing by it. Patience is a virtue, and it's something you need to become familiar with, get comfortable with the present because that's all you're ever going to get. Reaching into the future is a thing of science fiction, not reality so get your head out of the clouds and look at your reality, you don't like it change it, and only change what you can. Frustration will only eat you up, and spit you out the more you fight with the fabric of your life, don't struggle against God's will. Accept your current state and move on, tomorrow may be the day everything changes and then it might not, but we'll never know if we don't hang on long enough to get there. I'm lecturing you because I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. I see your imperfections and I see your talents, your tears and hear your laugh it's all like poetry to me, beautiful poetry. Your existence is enough, and what you do with that existence merely exhibits all the treasures that lie within you. I will always love you, I will love you when you're angry, when you're ugly, when you're happy, when you're sad, I will be your number one fan, your top notch supporter the only person who will love you more than I, is God and it's because He says it so. My love for you will never fail, my trust in you grows everyday. I admire you now, I admire who you used to be, and I admire who you will become so don't tear down my love. Don't hate my love, don't deny my love, don't ignore my love, don't underestimate my love by harming yourself with ugly words,created by lies. Remember, my love will always be here underneath the anger, the self hate, my love will never betray you and run, so don't turn a blind eye to me, please.
Love, me.

Breaking Tumblr Rules

  Remember, a long time ago when Tumblr was supposed to be a huge secret, yea that didn't last. I want to share my Tumblr with you it's chock full of randomness goings on, and of course shameless self promotion!

Just click the picture above to be taken away to magical place! I remember sitting in the back of class, taking notes on my laptop whilst reblogging away lecture classes have that effect. Have you ever seen a post on anywhere regardless Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram and it made you want to laugh out loud, and if you're like me trying to keep from laughing only provokes more laughter so you're sitting there holding your breath thinking "dear lord please don't let me explode in the back of the classroom", or is that just me? Leave a comment below with your own tumblr blog for me to check out and check my tumblr

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Can't Wait For Summer


           Summer is everything to me! Summer means Sun, a lack of school, a lack of stress I stressed myself out last Summer something awful but this Summer a change is on its way. I am focusing on keeping my cool during the Summer applying for jobs, getting my license, doing D.I.Y. projects, more OOTDs, reading  (specifically I want to start reading The Vampire's Assistant: Cirque Du Freak I read it once and am currently obsessed)  and sleeping! Summer is going to be so good to me, I'm sending out the positive energy now! I want to figure out how I can hone the excitement I have for Summer and merely apply to every aspect of my life, things would be a lot easier for me, so I'm going to take the time to identify what exactly makes me so happy about it and then try to find those things in my everyday life and be grateful to it always not just during Summer vacation. It's so easy to lose track of your blessings until you've actually lost them. I'm going to channel my excitement and thoughts to keep that bubble of optimism always.