Sunday, February 3, 2013

Breaking Tumblr Rules

  Remember, a long time ago when Tumblr was supposed to be a huge secret, yea that didn't last. I want to share my Tumblr with you it's chock full of randomness goings on, and of course shameless self promotion!

Just click the picture above to be taken away to magical place! I remember sitting in the back of class, taking notes on my laptop whilst reblogging away lecture classes have that effect. Have you ever seen a post on anywhere regardless Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram and it made you want to laugh out loud, and if you're like me trying to keep from laughing only provokes more laughter so you're sitting there holding your breath thinking "dear lord please don't let me explode in the back of the classroom", or is that just me? Leave a comment below with your own tumblr blog for me to check out and check my tumblr

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