Sunday, February 10, 2013

Deejay's Sunday Style List

       Hey guys, I wanted to create this new segment for the blog, to share with you some of my favorite personal style bloggers of the week starting off with:

  1. Diane from Dee-vine Anonyme and her Bart Simpson sweater that has been surfacing left and right lately in the fashion blog world. I love the Bart Simpson sweater, and how she styled it with a great, chunky cross necklace the entire look is pieced together in an effortless way, I could see myself personally doing. See the look for your self click here.
  2. Hannah of Daisies and Doc Martens  wears a great monochromatic black and white dress with a perfect silhouette. The dress reminds me of a look I wanted to achieve in the Summer but seemingly slipped away from me, check it out, click here .
  3. Nadia Aboulhosn wins three awards from today 1. The Successfully Pulls of Crushed Velvet Award 2. The Haircut Award and 3. The Lipstick Award in this crushed, deep purple dress she's wearing. She looks incredible even though I can imagine how freezing it must be outside! Nadia's on my winning team find out if she's on your's, click here 
  4. Mika of My Designer Dreams  sported some amazing accessories in her latest outfit of the day, one in particular is the necklace but you'll have to see it for yourself, click here 
  5. Emmanuella of Nuella Source recently did an all black outfit with some great details, and you guys know how I love black outfits with those popping accents so it's definitely worth taking a peek at, click here .
  6. Karla of Karla's Closet did a nude and bright red combo over on her blog with a jean jacket that oozes 90s appeal check it out, click here.