Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get Ready

         I've been thinking a lot about blessings. God will bless you when the time is perfectly set specifically for you, you might think you need this or that tomorrow but that's what you think, God specifically knows when you need whatever it is you're in need of having. I'm in need of a car, a license, and financial stability I think I need a miracle tomorrow but God knows when to bless me, his timing is always right because he knows the situation better than I do, because it's his job to know it.
    Sometimes I sit and imagine the day people really take a liking to this blog. I imagine the day this blog grows into something much bigger than what it is, I imagine the day I actually can afford to copyright this baby of mine. God will act on making things you want to happen when he feels like you're ready for them, and I think I'm ready but there it is- that word "think." I can't take my own opinion, over the way of God, his way is the only way if I protest to him my opinion all I'm doing is struggling against his will and I know that pain all too well.

     I want to be ready for when this blog takes off, when my writing career kicks off, when what I need to do finds its' way to me. I'm going to build my portfolio and plan out some business cards. I'm going to really start organizing posting times for this blog and get really neat with the format. The blog will still be me just amplified. My excitement is growing within me when I think to myself the day I really get my portfolio of poetry together, and I collect all my dozens of dozens of short stories. I want to be ready, because sometimes it's not a matter of waiting on God, sometimes he's waiting on you. God will wait for you to take the first steps, he's waiting for you to let go of a hurtful past, he's waiting on you to start celebrating his name instead of having a pity party(like I was doing moments before hand), God will wait on you. God isn't going to interrupt your thought process because that's where the free will kicks in. God gives us choices and he waits for us to freely make them but he never leaves our side, so I'm getting ready, are you?

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