Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Have Something to Say

                 Hey guys, recently I became immersed in Shameless Maya's videos, she talks about her 365 days of self promotion, the techniques she uses, and how it's made her come out of her shell. Maya's vlogs hit home for me, because I will self promote the posts and videos that I make but can't deny it makes me uncomfortable. I always feel, like right after posting I can hear someone go "ugh here she is again" lol, I don't think I spam my links but I can't deny promoting yourself is an awkward thing when you think about it. I begin questioning "what do I do, that makes it all worthy of sharing", and when I ask myself this question it makes me want to do more. I want to build some credibility behind my work I just haven't been presented with the opportunity to do so yet, but when I do I feel like it'll make me feel better. Being a blogger, is just like being anyone else just taking the step forward to share your opinion in your own way with everyone. Instead of discussing at the water cooler these thoughts,rants, and information are given on the blog.
              I'm not some fashion executive at Vogue, and I'm not Shakespeare but I can't deny I've got a love for style and writing.I'm not a professional motivational speaker but I still love to motivate others and share something inspiring with my readers. I'm not, technically a degree holding journalist, but I've got a gift for gab and have done interviews before, so I guess this post is really about proving myself worthy in a way. I feel as though I'm constantly in this struggle between sharing and defining whether or not what I have to share is worthy, which is why I'll go one hiatuses and question if what I'm doing is a waste of time.
            I love to blog, but am I just another url, another meaningless voice in the cyber world? I'm constantly trying to figure out what makes me different, so I found a niche: style and spirituality. My niche is both style and spirituality but I'm not a fashion guru nor am I a priest but even in the name of the things I'm not, I can still tell you what I am. I am a student, an African American female, I am intelligent, I am blessed, I am loved, and I have something to say.I may not have the professional background but there are people with professional credentials and sometimes they don't even know what they're talking about, a lot of these "facts" are all relative, and flexible and subject to change because that's human behavior.So instead of questioning myself constantly I'm going to keep believing in my own hype, and that's all I had to say.

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