Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Does This Thing

        Hey guys! I don't know if I touched on this but recently my entire education was in jeopardy, but that's over now. God, really is the God of "and suddenly", he moves quickly when he feels it's the right time. Everyone has seasons and I'm currently in what feels like a drought, but my season is coming and sooner or later it's going to rain all of my desires and declarations.The challenges will soon come to pass. Before I accepted God back into my heart when facing droughts I was unaware that it would soon rain. I was the kind of person to believe that a drought is merely going to last forever and I'm eternally screwed, but I realize that those thoughts were untrue and illogical.
   It's an amazing feeling, feeling like I don't always need to know all of the information all of the time because that's God's job. I feel like through this struggle I've learned multiple things such as:

  • Mistakes don't define you, how you handle them thus after does
  • God is the one ultimately in control and he moves in ways that he deems necessary, sometimes you've got to sit back and wait.
  • Waiting for things to happen takes as much strength as pushing for them to happen. 
  • Patience is a skill
  • Faith isn't some concrete term, sometimes faith can flexible, and can mesh, sometimes it melts but as long as it remains there that's all that really counts
  • God puts you through certain things, to strengthen your faith in him
  • A relationship with God is almost like other relationships it's not the good times that makes the relationship it's the strength put in to last through the bad times that really matters
  • Don't let one bad phase or moment define your entire life
  • Don't take everything so seriously all the time, I've got a lot more life to live
   2013, is starting off rough so all of those other bits and parts can smooth out quickly, and look at what I've gained already God has gifted even in my struggle because he wants to see us succeed, thank you God.

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