Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prints and Blazers

      Hey guys this is an outfit of the day from earlier in the week I've been wanting to share with you! The pants are from Dots as well as the cowl neck shirt and the blazer is from Sears. I look like I could of popped out of a Tim Burton film with all the black and then dark lipstick, and then the whites of my eyes taking the spotlight. I really love black right now, everything I've worn with a specific choice in mind has been black lately, there's something about the details that could be added to black to make it either feminine and classy, or modern and edgy, black is just my go to!


  1. Super Dope Pants!


    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  2. oh the print on the pants are really cool. I also wanted to say thank you for your comment and for stopping by my page... and yes you can use the picture =) let me know when you post it =)

  3. I really like those printed pants, I want a pair