Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Talking About Me, Myself and My Blog


        Hey guys! As you know I have a Tumblr where the craziness gets served up on a silver platter!  Many of you may not know Tumblr   is a blogging platform where you can reblog certain posts, and create your own as well. Reblogging Tumblr posts is an easy addictive kind of thing and whilst reblogging other content you can forget that this blog is supposed to have well "you" on it. I created a mission statement on my blog detailing who I am, why and as a reminder that I'm supposed to talk about me, myself and my blog on the Tumblr.
        I wanted to reflect on why it can get difficult on Tumblr to talk about yourself. Tumblr gives all of this content dripping on your finger tips ready to be reblogged, from your favorite singing artists(guilty here if you look at my archive Beyonce is running through it like she runs the world) to your favorite fashion bloggers, you can reblog what you relate to, what inspires you, what you love, so why is it difficult to create original content centered around myself.

       When I created a Tumblr I reminded myself I need to be my own biggest fan! You know how people become fans of artists of any kind of craft. Gaining a supporter is done through a process in which said person does something that he or she loves and other people may like it or may not like it but exposure occurs and more people see what this person is doing. Now while this person is merely doing their craft and enjoying themselves they are  becoming the center of attention, and suddenly they have supporters.
      You have to love what you do, believe in what you do, and keep doing it regardless if there is an immediate attraction to whatever your craft is, if you go into an industry searching for popularity and receiving some kind of validation from others you will remain starved!
        So how all of this wraps in with Tumblr is basically when creating posts about myself (although it makes me a little uncomfortable to talk about myself) I have to build this confidence even more in what I'm doing and remind myself this is my heart's desire, blogging has become a part of me and I'm going to share it regardless if no one is around. You can check out my Mission Statement by clicking here  or clicking the screen shot above! I've got a question for you, silent content reader do you ever find it awkward talking about yourself?

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