Monday, February 11, 2013

The Purple Army


        Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my personal favorite purple lipsticks! All of the following lipsticks are extremely affordable and can be found at drug stores and beauty supply stores. I still consider myself a makeup virgin so I'm not buying the top notch make up yet until I really know what I'm doing which is why most of these lipsticks range from about 4 dollars to 1 dollar in total.

First off lets start with the deep purple shades, starting with Kiss New York Rock Star Purple. I purchased this lipstick at my local beauty supply it was about a 1.50 the consistency is nice, it's pigmented well and it goes on very smooth.

The Cover Girl Perfect Plum, is indeed that a lovely plum shade with some red tint is great for the Winter and Fall season. This lipstick was purchased for about 2.50 I believe but I think a coupon was used I know it wasn't over 5 dollars. The specific Cover Girl collection is a bit old, after a little research I think this is the Cover Girl Queen Collection.

The following lipstick by Wet n Wild is called Vamp It Up, I love it! I've worn this lipstick so many times you can see me in it in a lot of posts, this lipstick is not for the faint of heart. The Wet n Wild Vamp it Up is extremely dark, and almost a black/purple but I love it, it makes me kick ass.

The next 3 lipsticks are slightly lighter shades of purple, and are beauty supply store brand, the first 2 are by Nicka K notorious for being very moisturizing and for their cheap 1.00 price! African Export is even up on the Nicka K lipsticks when she did her review which you can see here .

The first is Nicka K, Brilliant Fuchsia this was one of my first of the Nicka K lipsticks I ever tried and I was not disappointed. For the cheap price, the lipstick is surprisingly very pigmented and moisturizing on the lips, you can reapply without worry of drying out your lips and you don't really need a primer beneath it, it's chock full of Vitamin E.

The 2nd Nicka K lipstick is called Black Orchid which you can see on my lips here, this is a nice plum shade and I really like it.

The 3rd and last lipstick is this fun purple by Ruby Kisses. Ruby Kisses lipsticks are about 2.00 dollars unlike the Nicka K which is 1.00 dollar at my local BSS but that's fine with me. I really enjoy this shade it had some slight pink added to the purple that is really pretty and feels youthful to me.

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  1. purple is one of my favorite lip colors!